[A] [Noggenfogger-PvP <Sunstrider> MC [10/10] Onyxia [1/1] Wed/Fri

Who are we?

The main focus in Sunstrider is to clear the raids Classic has to offer. We clear MC and Onyxia every week and look forward to get some new content in Blackwing Lair.
The leadership in Sunstrider consists of players who have experience with wow raiding from vanilla and beyond. The guild is a mix of old and new players, old and young people, and we’re from all over Europe, but we all have the passion for the game.

We offer you

  • A guild that aims to clear all content, while we have a good time.
  • A great community, with all kinds of people.

We are looking for.

  • Mature and loyal members.
  • Members who knows their class and puts effort into the game.

Loot system.

Loot council, who distribute the loot. If you’re a dedicated and good player, you’ll get decked quite fast.

Raid times

Wednesday 19-23 CET
Friday 19-23 CET

We expect our members to join most raids, but we do not require a 100% attendance.
Right now we only raid a few hours a week, because MC and Onyxia doesn’t take longer, but when BWL launches that’ll change of course.

Recruitment status


We always consider all applications, from any class. So dont hesitate to apply even if your class isn’t on the list.

Contact us in game if you’re interested
Yoloswaglord#21658 - Jiyle#2335

Get in here priests!

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