[A] old man lf relaxed guild (RP, PVP)

Ahoy lads!
Played WoW back in the days. As in old times my focus is on RP and PvP. Dungeons are ok but no raids.
As I am 40+ my bones feel tired and old when I play to many hours in a row . I’m looking for a guild with relaxed people, a cool guild tabbard, a cool name and no Voice-Chat duty. Currently restarted with a new character. So I have no lvl60 char.
Greetings Jarett ‘Viper’ Blackbeard.

Hey! If you just want to play and have a good time, you can try Stormlords (leveling guild) :).
Most raiding guilds work with voice chat, but if you don’t raid you won’t have to. I am not sure about casual raids but you can enjoy playing without voice in pretty much every guild as long as you don’t care about raiding.

RP can be found if you tag along to known RP guilds like The Royal Expedition or the new guild that is called something with Brewery in it. I’m not sure about all the names. You can also join those kind of guilds.

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Hey there! :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a relaxed environment with mainly older / returning players then The Royal Expedition is a great place for you!

There is no mandatory requirements re: voice chat or log in times etc…we appreciate everyone here can be very busy so its all drop in / out as you can :slight_smile:

Beyond that we are the largest RP guild on the server and I’m going for Rank 10 myself, so we’re very active in that regard too!

Feel free to PM us anytime, either here, in game or discord - Radke#5158

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