[A] or [H] Balance 400. LF guild



I am a returning player with vast mythic experience and attitude. I have just returned after having to take sometime off for family life and I’ve levelled and geared my Boomkin to 398 currently within the space of about a days played time.

I am now searching for a guild who raid weekdays (Monday-Thursday. Possibly Sunday’s) and after 21:30 (earliest) Serve time so I can fit raiding around my RL.

I have been playing since Wrath and have pushed mythic content every expansion expect warlords. In Wrath I achieved Heroic LK 10/25 as well as A Tribute to Insanity in TotGC and curved Garrosh heroic and mythic 10/25. As well as recently pushing far into mythic Tombs before having to stop. Have held multiple officer roles in this time as well.

I am fully prepared for each raid with all consumables and never waste time with trivial items. Fully prepared with tactics and class changes.

Fully open to transfer and faction change for the right guild. I am really searching for a guild to just settle right into and push forward for rest of the expansion.

Currently on Silvermoon Alliance.

Add my discord Auth#0859 to discuss any more information you need from me.


Updated some information. Still searching.


Hey Vung. I’ve added you on disc, you left a message on our guild recruitment post (Seventh Night on Tarren Mill). Would love a chat with you so accept the friend req from bhadgar#4231 :wink:


Hey Vung!

Sounds like you’d be a perfect fit for us. We raid Mondays and Wednesdays from 21:30 server time and are looking for a ranged DPS.

Take a look at our recruitment thread here: [A] New Destination - Silvermoon, Casual HC raiding and feel free to add me (Jusi#2127) if you’d like to chat.