A pain to pugg this season

good afternoon. i really like to see something different in the pugging system for mythic pluss because its not fun anymore i have a decent raider io and its taking hours to get a invite into pugss just because people only want to see big io. and tbh is not fun anymore its been in every season a pain but this seasons just takes it all. so i would really like to see a difference

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I have this io 2870 io and i need to spent 24 hours to get one invite to do a 22 … And i could be 3k io if i manage to enter and actually play the game… But this is modern wow and only meta classes can enjoy the game.

Thats why blizzard failed at this game!

trying playing tank or heal… I mostly get invites to whatever I apply to.
In the 20s range I guess my IO would be too low and I would just play my own key.

you guys always make it so complicated… solution is still to use your own key for a quick run.

As a non meta dps class you have to take baby steps in io increases. If you are 2870 i bet you have not done all dungeons on +21 so thats prob your best bet. Im 2803 and i have maybe 1 or 2 dungeons timed on +21 except for SBG.

I DCed trying to read your post

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