[A] Pandemonium - Semi-Hardcore UK & EU Guild

[A] Pandemonium - Semi-Hardcore UK & EU Guild

AQ40 9/9 C’Thun down first week.
BWL in 50 Minutes with the target to improve!

We’ll build on a strong, active & talkative community that wishes to play Classic at a notch over the average level which may be described as semi-hardcore. Which means players whom are interested in always performing their own personal play, but also can have a good laugh & chill outside of raids.

Clear new content progressively, stress-free
Compete amongst similar guilds on the server for raid times and execution on Warcraft Logs
Lively community
Fair, Drama Free, Non-Corrupted Loot Council

Raiding Standards
We like to have a laugh but be good - therefore a certain set of in game standards need to be followed.

Be prepared, farm and collect gear required to help the Guild improve
Bring Enough Class Consumes and go for World Buffs.
Friendly competition want to be the best in your class and role within the Guild.
Summoning Infrastructure - we have boosted many level 20 Warlocks for easy, stress free World Buff gathering!

About Us
A lot of us are from the UK, so English is of course needed.
Chilled out attitude where real life comes first.
Active Discord Community with BANTER DURING RAIDS.
Weekends provide Webcams and Alcohol that’s all that needs to be said.

Loot System

Loot Council - Performance, Effort, Socialness and Guild Involvement.

Current Raid Schedule

Weds + Sun 20:00ST

Currently Recruiting

Fury Warrior
Holy\Disc Priest
We will consider all applications!

Whisper any member to speak to an officer ingame


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