[A] Phoenix looking for members


Hi All

Phoenix is aimed to be a medium sized casual raiding guild - raiding 2-3 times a week.

We have a core of people who have played together for a number of years (and some since vanilla) and want to expand to be ready for 60!

All we ask of you is:

  1. to join our discord
  2. to be committed to getting level 60 and raiding with us
  3. that you don’t mind a bit of banter in gchat

We’re quite excited to be organising the guild and getting things ready (we’re even geeky enough to be exploring a website)!

To join, please whisper Sauv, Crumpets or Ditchy. If you have played with one of our members and want an invite - let them know!

Enjoy the game!

Sauv :slight_smile:


Come join us!

Very friendly guild with active members!


what times ca. are you guys going to raid?


Hey! Sorry for the delay replying. We’re looking at around 8ST on weekdays and a bit earlier if we do any weekend days. Still to be fully decided once we’ve got more closer to max level though :slight_smile:


Hey there, what kind of loot distribution system would you be using?:slight_smile:


Hi Rossalia, we are using a DKP system but are currently closed for recruitment :frowning:


That’s okay! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!