[A] [PvE] Ad Fortior - PvE Raid Focused

Hello All

Ad Fortior has been around since the dawn of TBC on Earthen Ring, The golden age days when we used to venture in Gruul’s lair and fight over how best to do the boss in impossible measures and the achievements we made through complete un-refined tactics.

We venture once again back into the great pool of this world with the idea to provide a stable raid environment for both Role-players and Raiders.

I’m a role-player myself that has many friends on Hydraxian from my days spent on Moonglade, Earthen Ring and Argent Dawn and I am a raider from my days spent on Moonglade, Earthen Ring, Argent Dawn and Silvermoon.

To outline Ad Fortior we are a progressive raiding guild which aims to deliver decent amounts of content and provide a real fun environment.

Our guidelines are pretty simple, these apply to both Ad Fortior and any additional players.

  • Loot distribution will be done through master loot
  • Pattern/plan distribution will be done through master loot and designated to the main profession holder within the guild. If the profession holder does not need it, it will go up for roll.
  • High End materials are stock pilled to provide pre-raid and post raid gear for example Arcane Crystals, Enchanted Leather, Essence of etc
  • Raids are held on Thursday 20:00 and Weekends 14:00 - 17:00 (Saturday or Sunday)
  • Discord is provided in-game for members.

Nothing in terms of loot is reserved to any class except for Recipes for crafters.

If you’re interested in the guild please contact either myself or one of the officers listed below Heimriel, Verrick, Noodlefaith, Furybogga, and Snaby


Great atmosphere, best raiding!

Just to update we have outlined a few things:

Pending Name is no longer in operation and has been turned into Fortior Additional’s.

We now have 4 Tanks / 3 Healers / 24 DPS in our roster.

Always looking for more to join us get in contact with us as soon as possible to secure your spot.


Nice folks :+1:

Update on our guilds progress so far!

Raid Roster: Tanks Full / Healers & DPS Needed
Progression: 6/10 MC & 1/1 ONY

Just a note we currently raid MC/ONY with 30 people, If you wish to join us please send an in-game mail to Verrick, Noodlefaith, Furybogga, or Heimriel