[A] [PVE] [EU] [FRESH] <Profanity> Season of Mastery

[A] [PVE] [EU] [FRESH]

We are a late night raiding guild formed for the release of WoW Classic Season of Mastery.

The guild is founded by people who have been raiding a lot in most expansions since Vanilla, with some officers having nice world ranks under their belt.
We are looking to enjoy ourselves playing WoW Classic FRESH while clearing content at a respectable & consistent pace.

Raid Times: Thursday and Sunday 21:30 - 24:00 CET (Paris time)

We will aim for a guild roster of about 50 members, where the most active 40 members will get prioritised for a spot

Open slots for:
Druid - full
Priest - full
Mage - full
Warrior - full
Paladin - full
Warlock - full
Rogue - full

Raid spots will be given based on previous activity/enchanting/gearing/dedication to main char history. Will be dynamic and ever changing based on this.

Even if we are full in raid roster, if you really want to join us as social, feel free to join our guild Discord to apply:
https:// discord.gg/eqTtgYACYv

Hey there!

I used to raid in a few servers, I cleared every boss except kel’thuzad and am interested in joining a guild for this new release.

Which class/ specc do you foresee needing the most? I am able to play almost any class in a competitive way.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Shaypeshyfta, can you PM me on Discord? Erogma#8218

Lets talk about all there👍

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sent you an invite

All classes are still open. Join us on Discord for more info.


When dwarves say “Wash yer back” they mean it for raiding :wink:

5413 Posts…/facepalm.
If posting bollox was a paying job, ahy?

Added on Disc to chat :slight_smile:

Hey, just want to be fair to ppl throwing time in the game. Dont want to be benched forever right😅

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Discord link please, previous one expired

Hey, not sure whats happening but just get invalid link each time? will Pm you instead.

Discord link not working could you post again?

Hmm, try this one… should work now:

Bumping this up! Real nice guys in this guild, come and join in on the fun!

Expired again, would love to apply.

Thanks, here is a new Discord link, please join👍: https:// discord.gg/Exva4Jk8

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This is a very friendly guild :wink:

I did not play classic or classic tbc, missed the boat, but I did play original vanilla wow and every expansion since.

Would you possibly be interested in me? Looks like the sort of guild I’d be into.

Hi @Felscarred, absolutely. Join our Discord server, and in there you can post an application. We will be in touch soon after😁. Our Discord is: https:// discord.gg/Exva4Jk8