[A] PVE | Pyrewood Village | Providence recruiting | P1 content on farm

Providence is recruiting! Thursday & Sunday 2030-2330 Server Time. Rotating Loot Council used for 25man raiding.

P1 on farm, still clearing weekly.

P2 -
SSC 5/6
TK 3/4

Currently Recruiting-
Restoration Druid
Enhancement Shaman
Restoration Shaman

Even if your class isn’t mentioned above please get in touch with us if you are interested. Those more social and casual players are always welcome to join our community. We are happy to take in those 65+ and leveling with the ambition of raiding.

About us:
Formed on Mograine on day 1 of Classic, Providence subsequently went on to clear all Classic had to offer before a guild split between those who wished to play on a PVE server, and those who wished to remain on a PVP, saw us arrive on Pyrewood Village. We have a stable core of officers and long term players, and are currently looking to bolster our ranks for the raiding that TBC has to offer. We are a self certified “Boomer Guild” with lots of Dad jokes, lively Discord and a relaxed yet focused approach to raiding.

We offer drama free, organised raiding in a relaxed environment. Whilst we aren’t the most “hardcore” we aim to clear all TBC has to offer in reasonable time.

Raiding and You:
For those wishing to raid we ask you come prepared with a basic knowledge of the raid, plus appropriate consumables and enchants etc.

Sign ups are handled on our Discord, and the roster is posted well in advance of the raid night.

Please look at the “new info” tab when joining the server!

Update : looking for 1x Warlock (ideally Affliction)

Up : still recruiting for p2. All current content on farm

Updated info: still recruiting!

Up : still need those warlocks and shamans!

Lazerchicken on board, still need those Warlocks and Shamans !

Still need those warlocks and shamans for p2. Anyone welcome mid 60s and above!

Looking to build to p2, still need those locks and shamans!

Update: Need Shamans (all specs), 1x hunter, 1x Spriest, 1x HPala or RDruid. Just starting p2 content, p1 all clear! Come join us!

Update :

SSC : 4/6
TK : 2/4

Currently recruiting 1x Ele Shaman and healers of any class!


Currently recruiting:

Shamans : All specs
1x Warlock
1x Arms/fury warrior
1x Ret Paladin
Healers : All classes

If you want to join a self certified “Boomer” guild, have relaxed yet progressive raiding get in touch!

Recruitment updated!

Tidewalker down!

Still really lacking those Warlocks and Shamans! Gear or attunements aren’t an issue !

Now 8/10!

Currently recruiting:
1x Elemental Shaman
1x Warlock
2-3 healers of any spec and class!

Al’ar down, recruitment updated!

KT in progress, should be down pre nerf!

Currently recruiting:
Feral (bear) Druid
Restoration Druid
Elemental Shaman
Restoration Shaman

Willing to take these classes at 68+ if you intend on raiding when 70.

Up, still looking for the above classes!

Still looking for those warlocks especially!