🏰 [A] | Pyrewood Village | Bastion | Evening CEST | MIDCORE

International, English speaking :flag_gb:, Family and Work Friendly, “play smart not hard”. [15/15]

:european_castle: INTRODUCTION

Who are we?
A mix of vanilla veterans (some getting long in the tooth) and friends picked up along the private server era that love the original game; looking to expand our company with like-minded people. A lot of our folks have jobs and or families so our playstyle is tailored to make good use of available time. All experience levels welcome, we’ll guide you along the way if you are a wow or vanilla newbie.
What can you expect from us?

  • A plan for all 6 phases to get through content with minimum busywork and max progress / fun.
  • A stable drama-free guild environment fully transparent on goals and function. You’ll never be blindsided with adhoc decisions or not know what’s coming next.
  • A competently run Discord / Guild Hub, daily and weekly guild activities and all the tools to facilitate getting informed and participating.
  • Social events, help with professions.
  • Monty Python and Douglas Adams jokes (but always up for some quality/effort memes) :wink:.

Where can you find us?
In-game at Pyrewood Village PvE Realm or the [Bastion Discord] https://discord.gg/WqqYBnF

We are an adult guild. Less in the PEGI18 sense (could happen occasionally) more in the low tolerance to salt / angst.

  • Try to leave your RL bothers at the login screen.
  • Get involved with guildies.
  • Your solo time is yours, but be dependable after commiting to an official guild activity.
  • Represent the guild ethos on the realm.
  • Have fun :smile:

:dragon: RAIDS / GROUPS
Our overarching goal is to clear all raid content in a timely manner.
Core members have had decent 40man progress (T2.5) in 2006 and had a chance to test our progress plan on the closest available fascimile since (Nost+ private realms) all the way into Naxx.
Not aiming at breaking speed clear records but we will get our clear times down to a comfortable level and take all measures to stay there.

  • Raid times are Fri / Sun 20:00 - 23:00 CEST (tweaks possible after polling our roster).
  • 40man Loot System is EPGP with mainspec over offspec.
  • Loot rules for Alliance / PuG raids / 20mans on our Discord.
  • Gear/ Consumable / Playstyle expectations for raid content also on our Discord (reasonable minimums are set depending on highest content available).
  • Our main focus is PvE but we will get involved with the realm community and participate or run the occasional opt-in PvP event.

Recruiting (April 2021 update)

  • 1 or 2 healer spots (priest preferred)
  • 1 or 2 pure dps spots (warrior preferred)
    Friends of the above (we could fit one of whatever in our roster, except rogues perhaps)

See you in-game :unicorn:

Currently clearing 15/15 Naxx with the occasional AQ40 thrown in for our 2nd day.

Roster is on the small side but stable (non-existent to 10% max rotation across roles).
Over 50% of our roster is the same we started this journey with before launch.

We don’t currently have any pressing roster needs, but we are looking to pick up 2-3 nice people that fit our culture and expect to be playing during Spring, regardless of any BC announcements to future-proof our raids :wink:

  • :heart: Priest = Paladin
  • :crossed_swords: :zap: :bow_and_arrow: Fury > Mage > Hunter >>> Rogue

At the moment we do not run official guild raids to content below T3/T2.5 (except the odd ZG idol/mount run) so if you are currently at pre-raid gear level take that into advisement.

https://discord.gg/WqqYBnF (preferred)
/who g-Bastion in-game @Pyrewood Village Alliance and ask for a Council member.

Still on the look out for a healer or two (priest > pala)
Perhaps a dps (warrior > mage)

Always keeping a spot open for a family member / partner / close friend.

Farming Naxx, with the odd AQ40 / BWL on the side and waiting for BC :grin:

Sorry for the late reply, I don’t check this post too often :flushed:

Not in Classic I’m sorry to say :expressionless:

March / April update.

We are still on the lookout for

  • Nursing Priest :heart:
  • Angry Warrior :hot_pepper:
  • Always have a spot for a family member/friend/partner of one of the above regardless class/role.

to come join our Naxx clears (and occasional AQ40 on the 2nd day)

Guild is not currently recruiting for BC, but we do intend to transition to it when it comes out.

Preferred contact method: https://discord.gg/WqqYBnF