[A] Pyrewood Village Looking to merge guilds


We are an Alliance guild made up from Turkish players at the moment we have 64 chars 21 of them being alts. Our guild has 21 lvl 60 chars (2 alts) and 8 more players that are in the lvl 45-59 range.

Almost all of us were very active during vanilla and a couple of us comes from guilds with European firsts and world top 5 kills. As times have changed families, work, world domination etc… we are NOT looking to raid and play hardcore.

We have so far formed a nucleus of 15 or so players and have downed Onyxia and cleared MC by adding pug players to support our core group.

At the moment we have around 25 or so players that are regulars and rest being people logging 2-3 times a month.

Our core raiding roster is made up of the following.

3 Tanks (1Druid 2Warriors)
4 Healers ((2 priests 2 Pala’s)
5 Ranged DPS (1 hunter 1 warlock 2 mages 1ShadowP)
2 Melee DPS (2 rogues)

We also have 1 healer Druid that won’t be online for a while
and last but not least 2 lvl 60 druids and 1lvl 60 pala undecided atm

Most of us do speak english we also have a discord server.

we are looking for a guild to merge or one that would absorb us so that we won’t have to keep staring at the /LFR during our evenings.

As I have stated above most of our guild is made up by players for whom this is not their first rodeo; our median age is around 45 or so we are mainly looking after making fun of each other sticking it to ourselves when someone makes a mistake etc…

Our mindset is mostly PVE oriented but occasional PVP would also be lauded

For any interested parties please get in touch with

Nairoby (GM)

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