[A] Pyrewood Village <Templars of Steel>

We are a well-established casual and happy guild, made up entirely of adults and what we all have in common are our values and principles of friendship & trust - but we also love spending time together in WoW. Many of our members tell me they’ve never known a guild with a sense of camaraderie, fun and friendship like ours (and some of us have been around in WoW for 15 years!)

Most of us in Templars have commitments in real life – jobs, studies, families and interests away from the game. So while we do enjoy raiding, this takes place mostly over the weekends when we have a chance to catch up on some sleep the day after!

We are a skilled bunch, and more than capable in a raid – we are proud of our achievements so far in TBC (especially since we’re so chilled, and not actually a raiding guild!) We now have Kara, Gruul and Magtheridon on farm, and are just starting out on our adventure in SSC. We are particularly lucky to already have a good number of tanks, but we could do with a couple of DPS and a healer or two, and if you are interested in the raiding element, our main raid night (currently SSC) is Friday (with other outings on Saturday and Sunday).

Raiding is by no means compulsory, and it you’re just looking for a really nice bunch of people to hang out with, run some dungeons and chill, we welcome like-minded folk into our ranks. Our members are 100% the most important thing to us, and finding people that love to play a full part in our lovely community is way more important to us than the class you play, the gear you have or the level you are. Whisper any member in game to find out more, and chat with one of our leadership team.

See you in game soon, friends!


Hi there, will you guys also be starting on SOM?

Hi Soni, we aren’t planning on coming to SOM at the moment I’m afraid. No

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Bumpety Bump! :slight_smile:

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For the Horde! . . . oh, wait! Ummmm :rofl:

Would you be interested in a team up with another guild?

Hey Oghma, we wouldn’t rule anything out. Whisper me in game for a chat if you’re interested in exploring something!

bumpety bump :slight_smile:

Still got a few spots open :slight_smile: