(A) Raiding Guild <The Nameless One> is recruiting

Welcome to newly formed guild [The Nameless One] which was created fresh on Shadowlands release and had roughly 10 core players and we slowly started gaining more people as we were progressing Normal. We plan to move onto HC and at some point onto M progression but we need solid 20man core group for that and we are opening recruitment for all roles basically. We do have tanks and healers but some of them are our DPS Main and we are looking to fill those spots in so they can go back on their previous position.

Even tough we want to progress and get stuff done we are by no means hardcore and regarding that our raiding days are:

  • Friday 8PM-11PM (server time)
  • Saturday 8PM-11PM (server time)

Our progress last tier in our previous guild was 7/12 M before the realm-wide opening and this tier its 6/10 HC atm.

After that we made a long break and came back to start fresh with new guild and prepare our roster for SL tiers. Our goals are to be semi-hardcore guild that clears HC asap and works on clearing mythic content patch after patch. Recruitment is open and will remain so until we fill a healthy roster that is capable of challenging Heroic and Mythic content.

Feel free to apply via Bnet or Discord and we can have further discussion there regarding you joining our newly formed guild.

**Person for contact: ** Blue Thunder

  • **BattleNet: ** BlueThunder#2672
  • **Discord: ** TheBlueThunder#6369
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