(A) Ravencrest - 3 players lfg


We are 3 wow veterans looking for a longterm home, on Ravencrest, Alliance. We do not have the capabilities to change server/faction.

What we can offer
We all come from high end raiding, did the hardcore and semi-hardcore raiding for several years so we are used to a proper raiding attitude.
(we come prepared to raids with tactic knowledge, proper consumables, enchants, gems,…). When we sign up a raid, we will be there and if IRL does get in the way,
we will make sure to send a message in advance.
We are all chill, friendly and helpful people. We play this game to relax and have fun with fellow guildies as a first priority. Having a good teamspirit in a raidteam is important to us.

Plays warrior dps, has high end raiding experience since vanilla as rogue (all specs), warrior (all specs) and enhancement shaman. Will play very casually till next expansion,
he’s mainly looking to return properly for DF as he hates the current expansion and will only use it to prep his character and some casual fun.
He took a break for a couple of years but here are some old logs:

Has a geared resto druid or BM hunter.
Used to raid mythic in CN but had to take a break due to a pregnancy. She returned a couple of weeks ago and is still looking to gear her characters further and get m+ rating up.
Has high end raiding experience since TBC, got some cutting edge achi’s, mainly on healers but did some offspec tanking for her guilds and always had the hunter in case a spare dps was needed. Only plays BM as hunter.

Will want to main resto druid / bm hunter or evoker in DF.
Highest m+ score

Keata - BM Hunter - 3669 - BFA Post season 4
Current m+ score
2.6k as resto druid
2.5k as bm hunter

Has a geared frost dk and ele shaman
Has high end raiding experience since Vanilla and has some cutting edge achi’s. Took a break after CN and returned a couple of weeks ago.
Not sure what to main yet in DF but he’s one of those players that can play anything and be good at it.


What we are looking for
A longstanding guild that is looking for a couple more players for both m+ as raiding. We are preferably looking for a 2-day raiding guild, with a casual mindset.
We do not have a rl situation that allows for hardcore/semihardcore raiding anymore and so we would like a spot in a heroic raiding team, able to get at least ahead of the curve each tier. We do not require our new home to raid mythic but will join if they do.
Clearing mythic isn’t something that’s important for us anymore, any mythic bosses killed would just be a nice extra.

We also expect our guild to have an active m+ community. We love doing m+, doesn’t matter much what level as long as we’re having some fun nights with guildies :slight_smile:

We would like a home where there is room for players that have IRL responsibilities. We all have young children, if one of our babies wakes up during a raid, we will take care of them. If that would ever be an issue, we are not a good fit for you. That being said, we normally don’t have much issues with our kids disrupting raids, but it can happen occasionally ofc.

Btag: Xarial#2863 - Discord: Xarial#9250 - feel free to add me if you’d like a chat, or just reply on this post.
Kind regards
Xarial, Shadazar, Indecent

Editted the post with some more information.

Hey there Xari!

I’ve sent you a friend request on discord and invite you to take a look at our forum post which can be found here: [A] Ravencrest - <Lack of Foundation> Recruiting for Season 4 and beyond!

Look forward to hearing from you!