[A - Ravencrest - EU] Reckless and Happy casual raiding guild


Reckless and Happy

  • Faction: Alliance

  • Realm (EU): Ravencrest

  • Realm Type: PvP

  • Realm Time zone: GMT +1

  • Progression: BoD 6/9H CoS 2/2N

  • Raid Times: 9pm – 12am server time

  • Raid Schedule: 1 Night a week Thursday’s

  • Openings: All DPS, DPS with off specs are awesome!! But all are welcome for M+ content and our raid team! Flexibility is always helpful!

We are a new guild, formed around 03/2019 of returned WoW vets. Currently expanding our guild’s raid team and M+ teams! Anyone looking for casual guild full of nice, relaxed and polite members is welcome. We are not a hardcore guild we all have jobs and most of us families, we play casually as and when we can. We raid once a week and are making good progress with a strong committed team. Our first Raid as a group saw us clear BoD N and CoS N in just 3 weeks! With progress up to 6/9H BoD before season 3. We are now looking at 8.2 and all its content and are ready and rearing to go!!

See our Raider io here https://raider.io/guilds/eu/ravencrest/Reckless and Happy

Currently we have no limit on classes, all are welcome. This is a community of people having a good time! All we ask is that we respect each other and get Reckless and Happy together! What we do not tolerate is any breaking of Blizzard’s code of conduct or negative behaviour towards other guild members.

So, if you are looking to join a family and have a good time whilst aiming high feel free to join our gaming community discord https://discord.gg/z4gdmEU

for any questions you can send myself Chunck#2735 or Gibbo#21599 a message.

Thank you very much for your time, hopefully we have the pleasure of talking soon!


I’m interested but would like to find out more. Error message says I cant send you cross realm mail. Not sure best way to contact you.


Hello Dzrec,

Sorry about the mail issue im not sure why unless its battle group related. However if you copy and paste the discord link into a web page you will be invited to join the discord, where anyone in our communitly will be happy to help

If this is not a option feel free to add my battle tag in game and whisper me any time.

Also thank you very much for your insterest in joining Reckless and Happy


Just joined a few days ago and can confirm that this guild is filled with great people who have a lot of fun together. They (we now I guess) are very welcoming so if you are on the fence, just jump into the discord and start asking questions or just chat some! Then you can quickly find out if you want to be Reckless and Happy. :slight_smile:


No idea why that comment was posted with my Alt’s information who is not part of the guild. This is my main that I joined Reckless and Happy with.


Thank you for your interest and welcome to Reckless and Happy


amazing people helpful in all ways even after a ream move


updated still looking for members! Will update more after our raid tonight!


updated still looking for members! our 1st progress raid will be added sortly


Still looking for new members

updated progress and openings


Updated recruitment and progress always looking for new members for our riad and M+ teams!


1st run of Crucible tonight progress will be updated afterwards stills recruiting everyone is welcome!


New updated post!

Still recruiting for our raid team and organised M+ runs!


We are slowly growing as a guild, why not come check us out


Heroic runs started last week 2 down already!

still looking to expand


Progress updated we are raiding this evening and will have another update due after

see opening for recruitment and thank you for your interest


Our current progression can be found at raider io guilds/eu/ravencrest/Reckless20and20Happy
Still room for more ,if you would like to join.


Openings and progress updated any questions join our discord all are welcome


8.2 updated