[A] [Ravencrest] <The University> 3/12M & 12/12HC

< The University> is a raiding/m+ guild and is now looking for more players to bolster their ranks for this tier. Currently 3/12M. We are looking for most DPS classes but all roles/classes can be considered, Including social players.

Raid Nights
Core raid (Mythic progress)
Wednesdays/Mondays (19:50-22:00)
Social raid (Heroic run)
Every sunday (19:50-20:00)


  • Raiding experience
  • Knowledge of your class
  • Patience and determination
  • Discord
  • Enjoy raiding in a dedicated but fun/social environment

If this sounds like something youre interested in either post on here or drop me a message at: Dinggus#1474

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.