[A] RDPS 6/9M Ravencrest. LFG (Edit: Guild Found)


Current Gear: 416 (49 neck)
Primary spec: Marx (Ranged DPS)
PC up to task: 60 FPS or higher, solid Internet connection, can confirm hardware is up to task.
Coms: Yes, Blue Snowball. 7.1 headset, Discord friendly though tend to be quiet until i get used to people.

Professions: Engineering & Alchemy.
Perks: Mailboxs, repairbot, Longboi (AH mount)

Reason for leaving current guild: Sadly my current guild became stuck in progression, resulting in a number of people leaving, resulting in the collapse of the mythic team, sad times.

About myself: 30 y/o, English speaking, full control of my own playing time.
Played this account since TBC (This being my second account, the first i lost from launch of vanilla until TBC), been present every expansion, experienced mostly in ranged DPS and Tanking but have some experience in Melee DPS and even healed during MoP.
I look for solutions to problems and always try to do my best.
have over 10 years of guild officer experience under my belt.
Played Warcraft games since Orcs & Humans for the MS-DOS.
Other hobbies include Retro gaming and collecting, Miniature making & Painting (Warhammer fantasy & 40k with some generic stuff), Table Top Roleplaying (Mostly GURPS but since minor D&D interest)

Personal Weakness: Anxiety, Tendency to ramble, Tendency to get focused on a single subject, blunt and honest.

What I’m looking for: An open-minded, Trans-friendly guild looking to progress but with a positive attitude and atmosphere, preferably a guild that has been around for a fairly long time for added stability.
English speaking is essential as i cannot speak any other language.
2-3 raiding nights of 2-3 hours with 1-2 5min bio breaks.
between the hours of 7-11PM UK time.
Hopefully not always sat on the bench.

Ideal guild Progression I’m looking to join: 6/9M or close to it with the goal of trying to cutting edge if possible but not a deal breaker if we don’t make it.

Added notes: Only looking to play Alliance on Ravencrest as not looking to transfer, thank you for your interest.

(Yowshi) #2

Hi Ripley

You sound like a great addition to any guild. I read you’re not looking to change server, but hopfully you can forgive a gnome for trying. We’re on Emerald Dream about to celebrate our 14th anniversary. 8/9M at 33% on Jaina.

Our raids are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday (with a farm we like people ideally to mostly attend on Thusdays), 21:00-00:00st (so 8pm to 11pm UK time), with a 5 minute breat at 10:00 uk time/23:00st. We’re also a fairly mature bunch with players your ago and some older in the mix.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in finding out more about, please add me on bnet: tricky#2757 or visit our forum www. vii.guildlaunch. com to find out more and potentially even submit an application if the mood takes you!

Look forward to potentially hearing from you and if not, all the best with your guild search.



Heya Yowshi.

Thank you for the reply, I’ll keep the offer in mind but I’me very much committed to the Ravencrest server, even more so having recently moved an alt over to there just 2 weeks ago.

I’ll be in touch should my circumstances chance though, and i hope you and your guildmates have a fun anniversary! :partying_face:

(Yowshi) #4

Thanks for the reply Ripley, I hope your search for a nice home goes well and thank you for the kind wishes for our birthday!


Hey Ripley, I think you would be an excellent fit to my guild Dark Hearts on Ravencrest! We’re 6/9 and currently looking for committed players to join the team! Feel free to add me on Btag Megnog#2217 and we can discuss further if you want <3


Hello Megnog!
I’ve gone ahead and added your btag, looking forward to chatting.


Hey, Ripley.

I’m an Officer and the Raid Leader of Oof. I’d love to have a chat to see if you’d be interested in joining us. We’re a Ravencrest based guild too so no need for a transfer and we’re 6/9M so progress is the same.

I hope you’ll consider adding me on Bnet and we can talk more :slight_smile: CursedTroll#2823


Heya banananaana!

I’m afraid I’ve already taken up Dark Heart’s offer of a spot.
Already enjoying the guild thus far but should anything happen I’ll keep Oof in mind.

Thank you for the interest though!