[A] Regenerate 1 night raiding guild

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Bump 8/8 heroic now

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bumping as we have hit our target of AOTC we are now running Achievement runs and alt gearing runs.

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Bump, running a trial heroic raid this sunday for anyone interested.


bumpity bump


bumpy bumbum.


Hello, I am looking for a 1 day raid guild due to my real life commitments, kids/work/wife. I have 2 characters a warlock and BM hunter. Would surely try to catch someone in game to discuss.


Hello there. Reading about this guild really fits what I’m going to need soon as my work commitments are changing and it’ll be tough for me to stick to my current guild raiding schedule. I’m looking to transfer to Silvermoon from Bloodhoof/Khadgar as I started on Silvermoon and I miss it. I’d be very interested in joining this guild, I’m currently 8/8 HC myself and I have 1.2K RIO M+ score, should be higher however not many of my current guildies play M+. I’m 28 and from Leeds, Yorkshire. I main assass rogue 380 item level however I have nearly all classes at 120. I’ll be playing rogue and paladin on Silvermoon though. If you need anything else let me know. Thanks. :+1:


Bump! :slight_smile: :wink:


Doors still open for a final few, ready for the next raid tier! Please contact Feriot#2524


Come & get your Ahead of the curve with our one night/week raiding guild & push into Mythic! Still looking for the right players to fill the final few mythic spots.

Contact: Tin#21136 or Feriot#2524


9/9N, 2/8HC, still after the final few dps & a healer for Mythic!

Contact: Tin#21136 or Feriot#2524


Hey, myself (Assassination Rogue) & my wife (MW Monk) are looking for a community to join. We are from the UK and miss the banter with the old guild we use to run (F A T A L) on Ravencrest. We are also interested in raiding once a week, but we may have some catching up to do in gear and mechanics (Returning after a break).

If you’re interested in having us with the potential for raiding in the future, hit me or my wife up.

Resi#2610 or Andrea#23388

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Bumping for 4/9 heroic

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Bumping for 6/9 Heroic


Still looking for 2-3 players to join our Sunday night raid team. Hunter & Priest would be lovely jubbly, but all classes welcomed. Add Tin#21136 or Feriot#2524 for more info.


added you, catch me for a chat. One day a week is exactly what i need with work/family. I do love a mythic+ too :wink:



Still looking for a hunter! 9/9HC, 1/9M, starting to push into Mythic this week!


This is a bump


This is a bump.