[A] [Ressurection] [Eu-Mirage Raceway] [Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild] Is Recruiting!


Hello everyone, I am currently looking for people to join a guild in World of Warcraft Classic.

If you want to be helpful and be helped in becoming the best of the best, while having fun with everyone, then Ressurection is the place for you.

The leader of this guild has played WoW for several years and has a lot of experience in the field of leadership, he will not let you down.

This guild will mainly focus on PvE, during all phases we will have different teams raiding dungeons and raids, trying to get the best gear before the other phases start, you will always have support from everyone in the group if you need some.

PvP is something that the guild also can do, we want to have fun with doing it tho. Joining battlegrounds with your fellow guild members is fine of course.

What we need:
:mage: Skilled Mages
:crossed_swords: Skilled Warriors
:hocho: Skilled Rogues
:bow_and_arrow: Skilled Hunters
:japanese_ogre: Skilled Warlocks
:hammer: Skilled Paladins
:mage: Skilled Priests
:paw_prints: Skilled Druids
If you main a character with one of these, feel free to join. All specs.

What we give you:
:star:Help in raids
:star:Help in dungeons
:star:Help in battleground battles

What you give us:
:star:Help in raids
:star:Help in dungeons
:star:A fun experience playing together

Why you should join:
:star:It’s all listed above, no need to concider, comment right now and/or contact me in discord and say that you’re up for it and we’ll be done!

If you read this and want to join, remember to have fun.

Language: English
Realm: Mirage Raceway

If you want to contact me:
Discord: Damsugaren#1542
Discord server: discord.gg/hHKHYZ


What raid schedule are you thinking of having?


You’ll have to ask the leader, he’s currently sick but has the schedule written down somewhere…

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