[A] Rogue 5/9M (Rasta kill) LF Raiding Guild



due to the casual raid roster of my current guild (3/9M) I’ve decided to seek out new opportunities.

I’m looking for a serious 2-3 nights raiding guild with at least 5/9M BoD (preferably higher) and a competitive environment to push Cutting Edge.

About me:

I’ve got 5/9M BoD experience (Rasta kill, sat out on Conclave) and a 2.4k Rio score.
I play both Assassination and Outlaw depending on what’s needed.

Item Level: 412 on both specs
HoA Level: 49

I’ve also got a Shadow Priest alt who has 410ilvl and a 48 neck.

Achievements in WoW and other games:

This is just to show that I strive to be good and successful at games.

World of Warcraft: Arena Master achievement, played 3v3 on 2.8 MMR during MoP, Commander achievement 2100 RBG rating
League of Legends: Diamond 1 77LP in Season 4, been Diamond ever since, 1st Place in several online tournaments as Team Captain
Overwatch: Diamond SR peak


I’ll transfer server as soon as my trial in your raid roster is done of course.

If you’re interested or have any questions, feel free to add me on Battlenet or Discord.

BattleTag: AVRidley#2302
Discord: Andy#8973