[A-RP] Adventurers Coalition - Community

(Suraìa) #41

“Move those logs into a larger circle! Get more stones for the edge of the bonfire! And hurry it up will you! I want this gathering area to look tip top when Miss Silverbell comes to check it!” Drake barked as some lumberers were moving around logs for the bonfire onto the field. “Why can’t they just do it themselves?” One of the workers complained. “You want a blind woman, a bookworm and a freakin voidelf to build a bonfire?” Another answered: “And I bet they can’t even lift that small log you are carrying. Use your brain you idiot!” “If this Silverbell chick is blind, how can she come to check it?” The first worker asks. “Less talking more working, you lazy bums. Or would you rather be recruited into the army and send of to the front?” Drake barked. “Pff… Like that will ever happen!” The first worker said: “But it might be better then slaving away here for some strange Adventurers Coalition.” “Maybe we are lucky and they will recruit him into the army.” The second worker mumbled and gestured towards Drake.

Eastvale’s first Campfire Night will start 8PM ST tonight. Whisper me for an invite into the raid or type 123 in the community chat in game. :smiley:

Hope to see you there!


Good and welcoming folk, I recommend becoming a part of this initiative ^^

(Kaibyrne) #43

Joining these folk Friday to not only to check them out but also to support the current RP happening !Roleplay Incentive: Happenings


Saturday morning implies order and serenity within the far corners of Elwynn Forest. Such was not the case at the eastern corner of the forest, however. The Lodging camp near the Redridge border looked like a storm visited it last night. There were horseshoe tracks everywhere, chaotic and random, horse feet having stumbled on the neatly maintained gardens near the smaller houses. Feathers of presumably chickens are scattered around, some of them even sticking on the logs and the exterior of the buildings. The air hosted an unplesant kind of stench, the most unpleasant of the most unpleasant tangs…Scorched fresh. As well as something else, barely sensible for even magic wielders - a certain smell of residual arcane energies. As for the interior of the Bed&Breakfast, it was a liiiitle bit diminished. Some of the belongings of the guests were missing, their purses and also a huge amount of the silverware the inn possesses. Albeit the culprits were caught yesterday, the stolen goods are yet to be found. Rumor has it that investigation is still on going.

(Liaf) #45

sounds like something many of my alliance characters can benefit from. thank you for creating this community.


It’s a great bunch with events on Monday and Fridays, also many adventuring events on the side promoted

(Suraìa) #47

After being sick for a couple of weeks we are finally going to try and resume Coalition Activities tonight.

You want to meet us and join in on our adventure?
We will be doing an event starting in Eastvale tonight at 8 PM ST.

Hope to see you there!


I’m very happy to be a part of the Coalition; the people there are quite welcoming and fun to interact with!

Strongly suggest people to come by and try it out. \o/

(Suraìa) #49

It was deep into the night and Suraia was hard at work boiling water and soaking cloth in it. She had barely slept the last couple of days as she’s been constantly busy treating the sick people of Eastvale. Most of them seemed to pull through and it looked like the worst was over for all but one. His name was Elliot and he was only nine years old. The small child had been violently coughing the last two days and he was growing weaker and weaker, nothing that the ginger woman tried seemed to have any effect on him.

Elliot’s parents were getting desperate, especially his father who came running into the kitchen: “Quickly, come! Something is wrong! Hurry up will you! I said move it!”

Suraia didn’t even have time to get up when she heard a cry coming from up the stairs. She quickly ran towards Elliot’s room followed by his father. When they got there his mother was holding her son in her arms. She was nearly hysterical, just crying and screaming as Suraia rushed towards them to check on the boy. His eyes were closed, there was blood coming from his mouth and also from his eyes. Elliot wasn’t breathing anymore, but the healer wasn’t given a chance to check anything as the mother just held her child firmly.

“Please, Madam. I… I cannot try and help… if you do not let me.” Suraia hesitantly said though the color was swiftly fading from her cheeks. She tried to feel if the boy still had a pulse but there was nothing.

Elliot’s father suddenly grabbed Suraia’s shoulder and rather forcefully threw her out of the way to get closer to his son and wife: “Elliot? Elliot my boy? Answer me… Elliot?”

“I’m sorry…” Suraia softly said: “There… there is nothing we could… have…”

Elliot’s father suddenly screamed and Suraia flinched, cowering in the corner of the room. She stayed there until the room suddenly fell quiet. Hesitantly she looked up and saw the figure of a man looming over her, he was raging mad with grief.

“You… You let him die!” Elliot’s father said.

“I… I did everything I… I could, Sir.” Suraia answered.

“My son, my Elliot is dead!” The man said: “Clearly whatever you did wasn’t good enough! And now he’s dead. My son is dead!”

“I…” Suraia softly said while she was fighting back her own tears as well as her fear: “I’m so… sorry…”

“Sorry isn’t going to bring my son back!” Elliot’s father yelled before he just raised his fist and fully hit Suraia on her right temple. She screamed in pain as the man raised his hand once again and hit her again on her cheek.

“Christopher, what are you doing? Stop!” Elliot’s mother suddenly called out behind the both of them and the moment he turned around to look at his wife Suraia just fled downstairs and out of the house.

Tomorrow night is also our second Eastvale Campfire Night. It will start around 8PM ST.
Come and join us in the Eastvale Logging Camp as we make a campfire and share stories of our adventures, places we want to go, legends we want to persue or just scare each other with a ghost story or two!

Every now and then the Adventurers Coalition will make a campfire in the field in Eastvale for a nice and relaxing evening of storytelling. They will share stories of their adventures, discuss possible locations they want to do to for future adventures or just tell a legend or ghost story for fun.

It’s a nice and relaxing evening outside to get to know each other and share tales. Everyone is allowed and encourages to bring their own food and drinks and share them… or not.

A raid will be formed for the event and you can easily get in if you are part of the in-game community. Else whisper me for an invite!

Hope to see you all there!


See you at the campfire tonight Su :slight_smile:

(Suraìa) #52

This has to stop!

They move about like they own the place!

When will this end? How many more of us need to be threatened, cursed or assaulted!

Those people are scum! They need to go!

It’s either us or them and next time there will be blood!

People of Eastvale Unite!

This pamphlet is circulating around Eastvale even since Saturday and tonight the Coalition is holding a meeting to discuss what do to about it.


Come and adventure together with us at the Hunter’s ball!

(Suraìa) #54

We had a fun and small interlude going to the Jade Forest to join the Hunter’s Ball and are back in Stormwind now. Soon we will start to investigate area’s a little further then Eastvale to try and find out if there are thing going on in Duskwood, Redridge and maybe even Westfall or beyond depending on where the story takes us.

(Fixi) #55

Is coalition joining smaller, not server-wide campaigns?

(Suraìa) #56

I’d love to join campaigns at some point if there are any that would ICly fit for our little community.

It would also be great to do more collaboration events and stuff where possible.

(Fixi) #57

Perhaps I would have an offer as I’m hosting small campaign starting this week. The issue is I have 4 to maximum 5 spots left , hence sadly I’m afraid inviting whole community is rather impossible .Do you think that there are any adventurers who would possibly wish to tag along?

(Suraìa) #58

You would have to ask them yourself in the Discord since I don’t know if people are interested and have time on such short notice. <3


Joined! Thanks :smiley:


Great community and amazing leader of it!
I am looking forward to cooperate further with Suraia and lads and lasses from this amazing Coalition!
(and if you haven’t joined them - join today! They are neat!)

(Suraìa) #61

We are hard at work making preparations both ICly and OCly for a mini-campaign for a small number of people to make a lot of progress in my Coalition story line.

If you’re curious about this join our discord and in game community now and join us!