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(Suraìa) #29

Happy New Year everyone, we are getting ready to continue our story very soon. Now is a great time to join us on Discord and the in game community to get involved!


In both Eastvale and Stormwind a note containing the following message can be seen, placed up outside almost every single inn and bar that can be found.

Adventurers of all kind!

The people of Eastvale requires your assistance!

Due to several strange incidents that has occurred in the area around Eastvale in the Elwynn Forest there is reasons to investigate the situation. The origin of the cause has yet to be found and the locals are feeling more uncomfortable by every day. A meeting in Eastvale is scheduled for Monday evening at 20.30 where possible origins as well as what actions that should be made is to be discussed and different tasks will be given out to those that believe they can handle them.

Rewards are possible and will depend on what responsibilities that you are prepared to accept.

Al diel shala,


The community is always bustling with life and full of ideas - for those interested in longer (and shorter!) storylines and many RP friendships - that might be the place for you! :slight_smile:

(Suraìa) #32

Yesterday we had a lovely meeting where the current situation in Eastvale was discussed among other things.

The Coalition has been ICly created as a group of adventurers who want to find out what is going on and solve the situation. But to do this they need to get to know each other better and go to different locations to do research and find clues. At the same time there has been talk of the need for extra security in both Eastvale and for the adventurers themselves when they do out on an adventure.

Now is a great time to get involved in the story as an adventurer or maybe as a more protection oriented character like mercenaries, sellswords, sellspells or even military who might want to get involved.

Thanks everyone who was there last night to make this huge progress step in the formation of the Coalition!


Great community of people I highly recommend it to others =)

(Suraìa) #34

Protection for Eastvale!

Friends of the Alliance,

On behalf of the citizens of the Eastvale Logging Camp and the Coalition I am looking to hire soldiers and mercenaries of both the blade and magic.

Strange things have been happening in this small settlement lately and we of the Coalition aim to get to the bottom of this. We are adventurers, but I fear the citizens of Eastvale aren’t safe either. This is why we are in need of some protection.

You will be justly compensated for your time spend patrolling the area, or guarding Eastvale. On occasion there will also be a chance to join a Coalition group on an adventure.

For more information seek out Miss Suraia Silverbell or Maxandra Kallmyn.



This advertisement can be found all over Stormwind, but also in Westfall, Darkshire, Lakeshire and Ironforge.

If you are a soldier or mercenary type character, group or guild, come over to Eastvale sometimes for some freelance protection work or to join in on an Adventure from the Coalition if you are up for that!

[A-RP] Hunting for... love? Join us for the Hunter's Ball!
(Kaibyrne) #35

The Twelfth are stationed at Westbrook while not on deployment, we could patrol by Eastvale sometime or we can work something out in discord!

(Suraìa) #36

Thank you, that will be great indeed :slight_smile:

Poke me in game or in discord if you want to discuss anything :smiley:


The tenebrous, chilly breeze that was tormenting Elwynn Forest for the past couple of weeks had more or less subsided during these past two days.
And the temperatures were getting higher as yet another harsh winter was ending.
But today, on this what-was-supposed-to-be a cozy Friday evening, it returned. As if it was colder, and even more darker around Eastvale Lodging Camp. The workers left early their shifts because of the darkness (and because they wanted to start the commemoration of the friday night earlier) and the camp almost looked deserted, if you were looking at it from distance. But there was something unnatural in that colder weather, that bone-gripping chilliness…
Noea’ran prodded a dot on the piece of paper, the rough drawing of a Power Circle could be seen presented on the parchment. His lips curled into a semi satisfied smile. Stage one has been completed. Now the hard part was awaiting him, but he was not concerned. Instead, the subtle excitement started to burble inside him, like boiling water. Today was a good day. Yet another curse was going to be tackled, or it was going to fail, perhaps killing many in the process.
In either way, science was going to be triumphant, and this is what pleased the Ren’dorei. No matter the outcome, he was going to receive the answers he was craving for in the past few days when he was making the preparations. And he was going to make sure that at least somebody lived to see another sunrise, to carry the results from this experiment into the daylight.
But that is too much brooding. He was not flustered, or nervous, or inpatient. Those emotions were for the mortals, but in the depths of the Void and its preaching, those emotions were a mere trifle. The never ending battle with the whispers was taking its toll, no doubt. This is why he was even considering that this experiment could fail.
But it wouldn’t. He won’t be alone after all.
And so the ever consuming darkness wrapped its thick blanked over the Lodging Camp, but Noea’ran Anastre remained steadfast and resolutely, with hands folded behind his back and posture proudly straightened.
The cold and the darkness did not bother him. Not anymore.


The goodly Men of Good Faith are most certainly looking into this once they get out of the trouble they’re in.

(Suraìa) #39

It’s just another wonderful week at the Eastvale Logging Camp as the newly formed Coalition starts prepping for some more research in trying to find out what the fell (or void?) is going on there.

The first ‘protection’ was hired after a robbing incident with one of the Coalition initiators.

At the end of the week they were also planning to do their first casual meeting around a campfire. They had finally gotten permission from the small settlement to do so.

What could possibly go wrong this time?

We are going to try and have organized activity in Eastvale or for the Coalition every Monday and Friday. This can mean a number of different things, it can be an open event for everyone to join, or an adventure with a fixed amount of spots available. It can mean that there is a random happening in Eastvale that night where everyone in the logging camp can react on if they want, or a social gathering like a campfire storytelling night or a meeting to discuss what’s been going on.

We will be using the in-game calendar as much as possible to announce these events and they will be discussed in our Discord Community. You can also write out your own suggestions there!

We already have several people willing to DM for this, but if you have an idea for an event of your own that you want to organize for the Coalition, or Eastvale we would be happy to have you and help you our where possible.

Tonight a small team will be doing an event.

On Friday we will have out first monthly Campfire Night starting at 8PM ST:
Come and join us in the Eastvale Logging Camp as we make a campfire and share stories of our adventures, places we want to go, legends we want to persue or just scare each other with a ghost story or two!

Every now and then the Adventurers Coalition will make a campfire in the field in Eastvale for a nice and relaxing evening of storytelling. They will share stories of their adventures, discuss possible locations they want to do to for future adventures or just tell a legend or ghost story for fun.

It’s a nice and relaxing evening outside to get to know each other and share tales. A raid will be formed for the event and you can easily get in if you are part of the in-game community. Else whisper me for an invite!

I hope to see you all in Eastvale!


Last evening [21/01/19] the Adventurers Coalition hosted another thrilling event around Eastvale. The adventure took us deep in the foggy woods of Elwyn Forest to investigate the mysterious case of destroyed house. We’ve found many clues, both physical and magical that pointed us into a abandoned mines to the south. Deep in the mines we discovered a hideous plot against the ren’dorei elves created by fanatical remnants of the former scarlet crusaders of the Light. Some of us had to face their deepest fears, like ghosts from the past. We encountered traps, powerful void artifact and Holy Light fanatics. It was too much for the cave we were in and at the end everything colapsed. Unfortunately not all of us were able to escape the colapsing cave. What is the fate of that person? Is he/she still alive there somewhere?

Stay tune with the Adventurers Coalition for more upcoming exciting RP opportunities.

(Suraìa) #41

“Move those logs into a larger circle! Get more stones for the edge of the bonfire! And hurry it up will you! I want this gathering area to look tip top when Miss Silverbell comes to check it!” Drake barked as some lumberers were moving around logs for the bonfire onto the field. “Why can’t they just do it themselves?” One of the workers complained. “You want a blind woman, a bookworm and a freakin voidelf to build a bonfire?” Another answered: “And I bet they can’t even lift that small log you are carrying. Use your brain you idiot!” “If this Silverbell chick is blind, how can she come to check it?” The first worker asks. “Less talking more working, you lazy bums. Or would you rather be recruited into the army and send of to the front?” Drake barked. “Pff… Like that will ever happen!” The first worker said: “But it might be better then slaving away here for some strange Adventurers Coalition.” “Maybe we are lucky and they will recruit him into the army.” The second worker mumbled and gestured towards Drake.

Eastvale’s first Campfire Night will start 8PM ST tonight. Whisper me for an invite into the raid or type 123 in the community chat in game. :smiley:

Hope to see you there!


Good and welcoming folk, I recommend becoming a part of this initiative ^^

(Kaibyrne) #43

Joining these folk Friday to not only to check them out but also to support the current RP happening !Roleplay Incentive: Happenings


Saturday morning implies order and serenity within the far corners of Elwynn Forest. Such was not the case at the eastern corner of the forest, however. The Lodging camp near the Redridge border looked like a storm visited it last night. There were horseshoe tracks everywhere, chaotic and random, horse feet having stumbled on the neatly maintained gardens near the smaller houses. Feathers of presumably chickens are scattered around, some of them even sticking on the logs and the exterior of the buildings. The air hosted an unplesant kind of stench, the most unpleasant of the most unpleasant tangs…Scorched fresh. As well as something else, barely sensible for even magic wielders - a certain smell of residual arcane energies. As for the interior of the Bed&Breakfast, it was a liiiitle bit diminished. Some of the belongings of the guests were missing, their purses and also a huge amount of the silverware the inn possesses. Albeit the culprits were caught yesterday, the stolen goods are yet to be found. Rumor has it that investigation is still on going.

(Liaf) #45

sounds like something many of my alliance characters can benefit from. thank you for creating this community.


It’s a great bunch with events on Monday and Fridays, also many adventuring events on the side promoted

(Suraìa) #47

After being sick for a couple of weeks we are finally going to try and resume Coalition Activities tonight.

You want to meet us and join in on our adventure?
We will be doing an event starting in Eastvale tonight at 8 PM ST.

Hope to see you there!


I’m very happy to be a part of the Coalition; the people there are quite welcoming and fun to interact with!

Strongly suggest people to come by and try it out. \o/