[A-RP] [Antagonist] <The Scarlet Brotherhood>


Contacts: Lotheridan and Thomyr in-game.

“We have witnessed the fall of Lordaeron, the death of our families and the desecration of our homeland. The Scourge and so called ‘Forsaken’ infest our homes and hunt down the living. It is time you, brothers and sisters of the Scarlet Brotherhood, stand up and cleanse the lands once and for all.” - The Crimson Bishop

Hello, Hydraxian Waterlords!

With Classic out for a few days now it is time for us to make a thread!


The Scarlet Brotherhood is, as you may have guessed, a Scarlet Crusade guild. They are an antagonistic faction based in Lordaeron and will very much be roleplayed as such. A majority of the roleplay will be with your fellow brothers and sisters while fighting against both the Forsaken and the Scourge. There will be a big emphasis on interacting with the world and the players roaming it. That means events will range from expeditions into the Plaguelands in an attempt to burn away the Scourge, to incursions against Forsaken settlements.

But there is more! Variation is key to providing a long and sustainable lifespan of a guild. There will be groups sent, incognito, to locations still held by the living such as Southshore. Some of the Scarlet Crusade (https://wow.gamepedia.com/Scarlet_Commander_Marjhan#Quotes) has shown to be able to work with outsiders for a common goal which is what we will attempt to do as well, though a little more subtly. Subterfuge, spreading of propaganda to gain more followers or to simply goad the population into attacking Forsaken holdings and the list goes on.

From the lore we also learned that the Crusade worked on creating anti-undead weapons, a good example of this is Light’s Wrath (https://wow.gamepedia.com/Light%27s_Wrath), which is something we can incorporate into our roleplay as well. Search parties looking for lost weapons of power in Lordaeron and attempt to turn them into weapons of (mass) destruction to cleanse the land of undead.

All of what we will be doing is on orders of the ‘Crimson Bishop’ a high ranked Scarlet NPC who delivers us our tasks via letters. He is a mysterious figure that pulls the strings behind the curtains and guides us on a path towards victory… or damnation.


  • The Scourge

Dangerous expeditions into the Plaguelands.

Confrontations/RP-PvP with Scourge roleplayers.

Search and retrieval of lost relics/artefacts.

  • The Horde

RP-PvP against the Forsaken faction (and their Horde allies!)

Raids against the Forsaken throughout Tirisfal, the Plaguelands, Silverpine and Hillsbrad.

  • The Alliance

Espionage in Southshore, spreading propaganda and potential recruitment.

Confrontations with the residents of Southshore and any other non-Scarlet organisations.

Reluctant alliances of convenience against a common enemy (the Forsaken/Horde).

Leadership & Ranks

We play a sect of the Scarlet Crusade where one’s actions of bravery and devotion, as well as their veterancy, will carry them up in the ranks. There is one central leader who can carry out these promotions and send the Brotherhood on dangerous missions. This is the ‘Crimson Bishop’ and as mentioned in the introduction he does not reveal himself in person, instead he communicates through letters bearing his seal.

Those with the most experience will often be those leading the Brotherhood on missions throughout Lordaeron. That said when they are recovering at the monastery (or any other base of operation) all are equal under the Light.

To allow a sense of progression, the members of the Brotherhood are given an option to further branch out from their core ranks. This will give them the opportunity to grow from a fledgling Apprentice into a powerful Sorcerer. Naturally, this is optional as some may join the guild while already an experienced combatant.

Furthermore it is important that I stress that there will be no high officer ranks within the Brotherhood. Our aim is to show that we are no more than your regular Scarlet crusaders, fighting against evil!

Initiate -> Further divided into flavour ranks ‘Trainee’, ‘Acolyte’ and ‘Apprentice’

Crusader -> With two flavour branches:

  • ‘Soldier’, ‘Scout’, ‘Cleric’ and ‘Conjuror’
  • ‘Knight’, ‘Assassin’/‘Marksman’, ‘Inquisitor’/‘Chaplain’ and ‘Sorcerer’




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See you out in the field sweet babies :)))

We’ll send you some welcome pumpkins.


Pretty rich and cool there! Looking forward to interactions friend! :smile:


They can’t be all that bad if they want to rid the world of undead filth.


Best of luck on your endeavor, darlings. Unless you go crazy, at which point I expect you be be bankrupted.


Best of luck!


First of all, how dare you!

Good luck Loth!


As far as genocidal manics go, these guys are alright.

(Aerandul) #11

Assuming this is the same Loth, he’s a cool guy with some great RP chops on him, so expect this to go well.


The guild kicked off RP tonight with a pretty great turnout. We smited some undead, chained up one of our own and overall just started our journey as brothers-and-sisters-in-arms. We’re currently hanging around Tirisfal Glades, so if any forsaken or Alliance RPers spot us, feel free to interact and all that jazz (though forsaken stuff will probably be us trying to kill you :slightly_smiling_face: )


Wouldn’t be Scarlet RP without accusing at least one person per event of being an ally of the Scourge. 10/10


This might be a stupid question but, do you accept warlocks? atleat as an ooc class :3 I know later on the Scarlet Onslaught in Northrend have shadow “raven” priests but not sure what was the case before that?


Why not joining the Brotherhood IC as “sort of a mage”, and then “accidentally” call for demonic help in the middle of a battle? This could lead to some great RP, I am sure! :laughing::wink:


Interesting and deadly I’d assume :joy:


Well, it seemed like this kind of incidents are something you have to expect on a daily basis in these circles! :wink:


Smite the wicked and all that :tipping_hand_woman:

(now we start derailing the thread)


We do! Not as actual warlocks, mind (fel = bad and all that), but someone just playing the class while portraying something else is perfectly fine. Our only restriction at the moment in terms of race/class is that we’re human-only.


Thanks for the response! I’m still torn between two classes but then I know whichever can be a potential Scarlet! I will probably get in touch in game in the near future :blush: