[A-RP EVENT] AFC Fall Forum, Saturday, October 10th

After a long venture to assist our Elven allies with securing their lands and contributing to the Qiraji War Effort, the Alliance Free Company finally returns home. After an extended campaign across the sea we find ourselves welcomed back to Darkshire with open arms by both our long time friends, the Carevins, and the most honorable Lord Ello Ebonlocke.

Since our return we have immediately returned to our old duties of maintaining the southern border, and purging the scarred woods of Duskwood from the filth that has dared to emerge in our absence. It has been a long time coming since we have last been able to address the public and be heard by them, and we invite all members of the Kingdom of Stormwind and our allies to participate in the Alliance Free Company’s Fall Forum.

As before, Lord Ebonlocke has granted us the use of his hall for the event. We will begin with our address to the public, to summarize the goings on of our campaigns and missions since our last forum, before we open the floor to hear out the wider members of the Alliance and whatever they have to say to us and those attending.

Date and Location: October 10th, 20:00ST, Darkshire Town Hall.

Contacts: Lieutenant [Ahskuh] Raelin and Watchmaster [Caitlyn] Cutteridge


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