[A] [RP-Event] Spooky campfire stories

Hello everybody! A cross-guild full-rp community known as The Squirrels are glad to invite you to the:


When: 25\02\2021 we meet at 20:00 ST.
Where: We move from the western bridge (Westfall border) near Raven Hill through Duskwood towards Beggar’s Haunt where we set a camp around 20:30 ST.
What: We sit around bonfire and tell scary tales. They can be anything: either made up or a true story that happened to your character in game, be it truly terrifying or just a funny anecdote in a mysterious environment, or a famous story from the real world that you adapted into WoW’s lore. You’re also free to only listen and maybe occupy yourself with shared drinks and some cooking on an open fire.
Look: We encourage you to look appropriately mysterious, be it long dark capes and hats or anything you like. The only request for the walk is that you attempt to look the part, get out those dusty lamps and dark hoods.

OOC: We gather on the western bridge and rp-walk all the way to Beggar’s Haunt between 20:00 and 20:30, wearing mysterious outfits and holding torches\lanterns to create the spooky atmosphere and scare passers by. We do NOT use a raid chat and NO ooc announcements will happen. Please remember to remain in-character the whole time and don’t use ooc in \say and \yell even be it placed in brackets. Please respect the other players around you and their fragile immersion. Thanks for understanding.

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