[A-RP] House Blackmyre

House Blackmyre - A newly formed settlement based RP guild in the North of the Howling Fjord.

House Blackmyre wasn’t formed out of born Nobility, but out of land aquisition and a dream. Following the fall of the Lich King, many of the large military forces withdrew from the continent, leaving various former military vantage points and outposts abandoned and deserted. A since retired Crusader, having seen great potential with some areas of the continent, decided to stay in the continent with the goal of establishing a settlement in the North of the Howling Fjord.

OOC Info:
House Blackmyre is a newly formed settlement RP guild, focusing on themes of survival, expansion, adventure and the like.

Currently based in Fort Wildervar for visual purposes , the guild is recruiting and expanding our settlement, adventuring, hunting, researching and building, with hopes to grow into a community of settlers in the Northern continent, surviving harsh weather conditions, adverse and various threats, and exploring the mystery and wonders of the great continent of Northrend.

We have an ingame Health, Armour, Skill and Profession system utilizing the TRP & Dicemaster Addons for events and storytelling.

Small example, we recently embarked on a 2 day ship journey to support a supply shipment to the continent, this involved casual RP amongst the guild, various elements of story telling and character development, and then some challenges to help the crew navigate through a storm safely without damage to ship or crew.

  • We’re a small and friendly bunch, looking to grow and build our community for like minded folk looking for adventure!

Feel free to get in touch in game via mail or /w if you have any questions or are interested!


Giving a small tiny bump as I think the concept surely deserves more possible attention! Good luck to the House from a rando Paladino!

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Good luck with the guild and welcome to the community!

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Tides bless!

Apologies for the late posting, but I thought I would start posting some of the happenings around Fort Wildervar and the Fjord over the last few weeks!

The Slain Sentinel (26/07/628 K.C.)

Panic at the front gate! A body of a Blackmyre Sentinel arrived at the settlement being dragged behind his horse tied up by rope. Upon closer inspection by Edward Hagbane and Seamus Kingsley, they summarised the cause of death wasn’t of natural or combat result - Because of this Aeryn arranged for the group to head out to the North Spear Tower to get a report on the other two guards posted there.

Upon arrival, the group discovered one of the two guards had suffered a similar fate, strung from the high beams inside the tower flailed and mutilated in the same fashion. Upon this discovery the group were mildly tormented, before encountering a mysterious child spirit, presenting herself to the group, apologizing for what happened to their ‘friend’. When Brother Marcus Lennon approached the spirit it recoiled slightly which unveiled the appearance of hundreds of other spirit forms, surrounding the group watching them. In a panic the spirits shrouded themselves once again leaving the group alone in the forest searching for the Third body, Seamus taking to the skies spotted some glints of torchlight in the distance North of the tower.

When the group followed the light, they would discover the third guard, similarly to the previous guard on what looked like some ceremonial stone construction. When the group approached the Sentry begged for help, but very quickly turned sinister and feral, convulsing and harming itself to free itself to attack the group. When it managed to free itself it lunged towards the group, landing clawed swipes on Edward and Seamus, before taking gunshots from Cornelius, elemental attacks from Brother Marcus and a killing blow from Seamus. Upon defeating the creature, The corpses were loaded onto Seamus’s back and returned to the settlement, where Aeryn would be waiting for them.

Upon their return, Aeryn would have the bodies handed to guards and bring the group into the eastern building to meet Father Timmings, who explained after investigating the damage to the Sentry, that he believed the magic was a form of reanimation magic formerly used in Icecrown but was being used or tested on living beings. Father Timmings believed the magic and attack was to be a message sent to House Blackmyre by a powerful being, perhaps a Lich, and assured the group that the Settlement should be safe due to the ground being consecrated multiple times to protect the settlement.

Despite this, an order was issued that all external guard posts of House Blackmyre are to be recalled, and the settlement is to be locked down to protect its citizens, scouts were sent to relay messages to Rath who were camping nearby, and a word was given to the Gate guards to notify of the whereabouts of Sir Carter as soon as it was known.


Lord Admiral’s Favour, friends!

Apologies for the lack of activity on this forum, a lot has been going on in Wildervar and I’ll be posting updates shortly!

The Amberpine Lodge Incident (02/08/628 K.C.)

Wildervar was eerily quiet, for some reason work had entirely ground to a halt! Reports from the workers indicated that they had run out of lumber to continue any work and the latest shipment from Amberpine Lodge in the Grizzly Hills lorded over by Lord Dumont had yet to arrive. Lord Aeryn Blackmyre; his Oathsworn Seamus Kingsley, Edward Hagbane, Cornelius Cranktoggle, Brother Marcus Lennon, Charlie Reed, Reinfri Skald, and Carter Diomedes, alongside an ally - the Paladin-in-Training Jasper Aston - ventured forth to Amberpine Lodge to enquire why this shipment was late.

Upon arrival at the Lodge, the party was met with hostility by the drunken Lord Dumont. He had felt slighted by Lord Blackmyre as in the past he had refused to marry Lord Dumont’s underage daughter, and as such halted all shipments of lumber to Wildervar. Lord Dumont proposed another solution to the party: should one of them duel his son, then the shipments would continue.

It was Miss Charlie Reed who took up the offer of the duel due to being undefeated in any spar amongst the Oathsworn, and that evening was no exception. With ease, she defeated the younger Dumont but he would not take this stain upon his honour and pulled out a knife.

He was restrained by a gust of wind called down upon by Brother Marcus Lennon that pulled the younger Dumont into the air, but tragedy struck when a warning shot from Cornelius Cranktoggle found its way into the young man. Angered by this, Lord Dumont called upon his guards but were easily talked down by the party.

Whilst Charlie and Seamus tended to the younger Dumont’s wounds, Lord Blackmyre consulted with the party. It was decided that the House of Blackmyre would take control of Amberpine Lodge from that day forth, bringing it out of the despair that the drunken lout Lord Dumont had put it under.

The Burnt Watchtower (09/08/628 K.C.)

Due to the recent attack on North Spear Tower, Lord Blackmyre and the Oathsworn ventured out to West Spear Tower to check up on the Sentries posted there. On the road to the tower, the group found a trader on death’s door. Any attempt to find out what happened to the man failed as he passed just as the Seamus and Marcus attempted to heal him.

The group left their horses near, thinking it better to proceed to the tower on foot. Their thoughts were right, as when they got in view of the tower a group of Vrykul were spotted. This group of Vrykul were furious and disgusted, they seemed to have found something in the tower! Any attempts by Marcus at talking these furious Vrykul down was fruitless. Claiming that Lord Blackmyre and the Oathsworn were cursed beings.

The leader of the band of Vrykul then approached, with an attempt from Charlie at parlay failing. The leader of the group then threw his torch at the tower, setting it aflame! The Vrykul then attacked the group.

It was a long and hard battle set against the burning tower and eventually, all but one Vrykul was slain. At that point. Marcus was able to call on the Tidemother for the heaviest rainfall the Fjord had ever seen, saving the tower from total annihilation.

It was decided by the group to let the Vrykul live, they tended to its wounds and left it on the road to be found by its kinsmen.

The Crazed Dwarves (11/08/628 K.C.)

A small group of Oathsworn led by Lord Blackmyre ventured to the West Spear Tower to inspect the damage after the attack from a few days before. All seemed fine until they heard a rustle in the bushes down the hill below the Tower.

The group swiftly investigated the noise when they heard another rustle behind a tree further into the woods. Cornelius Cranktoggle was volunteered to sneak up to the tree to see what caused the noise, when it was found that it was just a baby Shoveltusk.

But, all of a sudden the group was set upon by three Dwarves who seemed to be out of their minds! After a quick skirmish, the Dwarves were defeated but the group saw a glowing in the distance. They traversed through the woods further and over a rickety old bridge when they saw the source of the light in the gulch below.

Lord Blackmyre quickly confirmed his fears, the Dwarves had come out of a Saronite mine. With the utmost quiet and haste, the group quickly retreated back to Wildervar and ordered the settlement to not venture towards the cave under any circumstance.

The Captured Vrykul (18/08/628 K.C.)

Word had reached Wildervar that the surviving Vrykul Skell, from the West Spear Tower attack on the 09/08/628 K.C. had been captured by members of a group called the Iron Templars that called Westguard Keep home. Lord Blackmyre and his Oathsworn ventured out to Westguard as they had questions regarding the attack that happened a few weeks earlier.

After a hard ride through some dangerous land, the group made it to Westguard Keep. After some confusion with some Iron Templars, the group were greeted by the leader of the Order who welcomed the group from Wildervar with the utmost hospitality, shortly after she led the group down into the dungeons where Skell was being held.

Attempts by both Lord Blackmyre and Brother Lennon to obtain any information were fruitless. But they did learn a few bits of useful information:

  • The Vrykul heard the whispers in the forest but weren’t directly spoken to.
  • Skell claimed when they arrived at the tower, they saw a cloaked figure leaving the watchtower on horseback after the Sentry was sent dragging behind a horse.

With those bits of information, the group then set back off to Wildervar. But as they were on the home stretch the group heard the sounds of fighting coming from the North Spear Tower. A band of Vrykul were assaulting the Sentries there! Although the Vrykul were quickly dispatched by the group without any losses.

Amberpine Lodge: Revisited (25/08/628 K.C.)

Lord Blackmyre and his Oathsworn had made their way to Amberpine Lodge to get a status report on how the new hold was progressing since its acquisition from Lord Dumonte, as well as return the younger Dumonte (who was healing in Wildervar) back to his home. Upon arrival it was found that under Wildervar’s leadership, Amberpine Lodge had begun to prosper once more. Buildings had been repaired and lumber was being produced at an astounding rate.

There was reports though, of some loyalist tensions brewing within the mill in which the former Lord Dumonte had been sent to. Upon speaking to one of the young lads that works in the mill, Dumonte was claiming that the men of Wildervar killed his son! It was decided that having both Dumontes may cause further Loyalist fervour, so it was decided that the former Lord Dumonte would be transferred to the Wildervar mine and the younger Dumonte to replace his father in the mill, crushing any rumour that the former Lord had created.

Attack on Wildervar (30/08/628 K.C.)

Lord Blackmyre and the Oathsworn had gathered in the Great Hall for a routine meeting when all of a sudden the deafening blow of a horn shattered the serene quiet of the evening. Startled by this, the group reconvened outside after a sentry requested the group see the situation. A mass horde of Vrykul was attacking Wildervar with siege weapons in tow! It was at this point that the Great Hall was struck with a piece of flaming artillery.

The group rushed into battle; Lord Aeryn Blackmyre, Charlie Reed, Seamus Kingsley, and Ralph M. Porter joined the front lines whilst Brother Marcus Lennon and Markus Stormheart used their ranged capabilities to support the group. Edward Hagbane stayed behind to assist with the firefighting efforts.

The battle was long and hard, at first, the Vrykul Warriors fell. Emboldened by this, the Vrykul Warrioresses pushed the group towards the barricades. The bodies were piling high, and the first siege engine fell, but a second siege engine constantly hammered the settlement. At this point, Brother Marcus Lennon was able to bless a cannonball with Tidal power for Markus Stormheart, who successfully snuck his way behind the battle and disabled the second siege engine.

The battle continued to rage between the group and the Vrykul warrioresses. It was at this point Edward Hagbane joined the main battle, it was him who had slain the Vrykul chieftain with a poisonous dagger! The defeat of the chieftain completely demoralised the Vrykul who fled and abandoned the final siege engine, which was promptly taken by Markus Stormheart.

With his final breaths, the Vrykul Chieftan explained that Wildervar and the people of it were cursed. The Vrykul believed that they were responsible for the attacks on the North and West Spear Towers. Lord Aeryn Blackmyre tried to reason with him, that it was not the case. Although the chieftain did not believe him and went for his axe as a last chance. But, he was too slow and Edward Hagbane put in the final blow.

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