[A-RP] Lion's Pride Drinking Competition


<Forest of Elwynn> proudly presents…

The Lion’s Pride Drinking Competition!

The notorious Brewfest is close around the corner, but Lion’s Pride Inn is getting a head start before the competition! Taste renowned ale and brew from Westfall, Duskwood, Northshire, Redridge, with a casket from Loch Modan as the main prize! Experience unique Gnomish creation! Taste the wines of Northshire! Feel the distilled hoops from Westfall! And if you’re lucky enough, a casket of Dwarven gold, Thunderbrew, will be your reward! The competition is simple… Last one drinking is the winner!

Come to Lion’s Pride Inn at Friday the Thirteenth this month at eight bell, and show us what you are capable off!

Competition will start at ninth bell.

Hello everyone! I’m Goldshire, and I’m the guild leader of <Forest of Elwynn>! As the “grace” period of leveling is coming to a close, and people already getting their feet wet in roleplay in various locales, we at Goldshire think it’s high time to start with a bang, and a thud!

The OOC rules will be simple, but effective. However, all rewards will be IC (Unless someone wants to donate things, then that will also be included.)

  1. All players attending the competition will be serviced different ales, themed around the various ingredients found in Azeroth/Kingdom of Stormwind.
  2. There is going to be a hard cap of competitors of 8. So sign up early if this sounds like your jam.
  3. Everyone starts at 10, unless you feel that you should be handicapped and thus start higher. The goal is to roll under. With each round, the cap is raised by a different amount based on which brew is being served. This can range from 5 to 20.
  4. If there is a draw for first place, then everyone is declared a winner, and the casket is opened for everyone attending, with a limited supply.

That’s all! Bring your drinking face and get knackered!

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Good to see Goldshire being used for something else than what we’re used to. I shall hopefully be there to see it all unfold.



But no, this sounds like a ton of fun. Please keep making attempts to turn Goldshire into a friendly and welcoming place!



This is an important event. I shall do my best to not only be there on time, but to also prepare my body for maximum capacity.
Yes, I shall endeavor to be sober for a FULL HOUR before the event!

Beware, beware, the brother of the ale!

//Gamil Goldenaxe


A fisherman’s life is rough in Elwynn Forest I tell ye. Not only are the blasted murlocs running rampant, but the near constant rain also! Now, what better way to end a day than to get yerself wet on the inside as well? I will do me best to be there!

//Bolgrim Bronzefist


Although I naturally know well and true what eight bell means. Of course I do!
Just, for those who might be unfamiliar with the expression…
It’s 20:00 CET, right?


20:00 server time.

Which is, I believe, UTC+2?


Sounds like an excellent, easy first bit of RP to ease back into.


Just a reminder…!

Event is in less than 4 hours! And currently, there are none who have signed up for the competition! Message me if you wish to reserve a spot, or sign up on the spot! Either spot works. :wink:


Bah, would love to come to this but I’m busy this evening. Sounds like a great event - hopefully it all goes well and maybe I’ll be free to come along in the future!


The standoff between the two finalist was gutwrenching!
https:// assets-cloud.enjin. com/users/2279496/pics/original/4129895.jpg

But in the end, Bete was a worthy victor. Here seen with his cousins.
https:// assets-cloud.enjin. com/users/2279496/pics/original/4129894.jpg

Thank you for a great event!