[A-RP] Lordamere Rangers - Lordaeron Divided II

… At the Year 35, 627 by the King’s Calendar, the war that raged over land and sea was over, with the Banshee Queen cast from her throne, and the Capital City lost to her apothecary blight. In the wake of the dark years that alloted the land between murderers, fanatics, and necromancers, Lordaeron, once the jewel of the Eastern Kingdoms, was a land divided between the living and the undead, its future uncertain.

In that vast and untamed drudgery of dark woods and festering hollows, at its forlorn divide of east and west, there lay two great bodies of water, one of which, was Lordamere, the vast freshwater lake with whom several of the kingless realms had once aligned, and from this lake with the isle-ruins begotten moss and fen, there came the rangers - nomadic men guided by greying morals and driven by the unsavory biddings of a secret fae forest…

Hi, everyone! The Lordamere Rangers is a RP-PvP guild tailored around a band of kingless rangers that travel about the Eastern Kingdoms, shaped by the conditions of their realm of origin; Lordaeron, and the famous Lordamere Lake that lay dividing many a land of men in the days of the Seven Kingdoms. Moving about from worn hideouts and old enclaves, to sleep under thatched roofs or open skies, the rangers hone their proficiencies to live and survive in the wilds, their skills in archery, and in the keeping of loyal beasts fit to track their deadliest enemies: the Forsaken.

What do we do?

The rangers seldom stay in any one place for long, but often provide the service of guiding travellers that pass the dangerous reaches of Lordaeron. In the wilderness, they hunt beasts and enemies, especially the undead of Lordaeron.

Who can become a Lordamere Ranger?

The Lordamere Rangers is a guild of Humans, originating in the lands of Lordaeron. Keeping within such a theme, a person who joins the rangers may be of joined motives, a due hatred of the red menace and the cursed undead, or merely one seeking to right past wrongs by adopting the humble living conditions of a Lordamere Ranger. The guild accepts hunters, rogues, and warriors. It recommends the hunter class.

How to contact us.

Contact Journeyer or Remus with questions. To meet the guild, seek us out in-game!

After a short hiatus, the Lordamere Rangers are back to see what Blizzard has to offer in the upcoming expansion . Having enjoyed a successful start during early BFA we look forward to picking up on old stories, and discovering new ones involving friend and foe alike.


Amazing guild, would sincerely recommend checking it out if you are looking for a ranger guild with a heavy focus on woodsman and drifting vibes. Looking forward to kicking things back off and seeing what SL can bring. :bow_and_arrow:


Brigaldo will be avenged… :roars at you in rp:
Welcome back to our favourite nerthern snipers.


Love it. Can’t wait to see what you guys have planned!


A fine people to play with, it is good they are back in action.
Scarlets and undead should hide, because rangers are coming for them!


One of my favourite bunches, good to see you around again!



35-08-26 - Plaguemist Ravine

“Your head belongs to me, Captain!”

The corpses moved through the narrow pathways of the ravine, under the damning eyes of rangerhood. A red, riven five looked up to see the watchers in grey, each man and monster filled with thoughts of hunger or judgement. Between them was the difference of a mountain, and the difference of life and death. There were only two rangers watching the Plaguemist Ravine that night, detracting from the merit of their prized warning shot that fell on a shield with a familiar red icon. There was no mistaking the mantras and mantles of the Scarlet Crusade, but these men were dead, cursed to walk and suffer in the waking life as though they had never lived. As the chief undead called out to the watchers above to seethe over threats amidst unlively cries, he wore a face they recognized, and spoke with a voice that they had known.

35-09-03 - Arathi Highlands

A number rode out of Danath Trollbane’s city - of knights both bright and grey, and hunters in all of matted drape. Following the river Thondroril, they rode to the north, armed for a fight. Now the two towers that loom above the river-divide of the eastern and western plaguelands are inhabited once again.

With thanks to the cool roleplayers joining in on the latest ranger quest, to battle the undead, the Lordamere Rangers are back, with some friends from The Broken Tower, the Lordains, and others, to stir some trouble in the Plaguelands.


Glory under the Light, let there be blood where it wills!



Let know, the ninth month in a kingless year,
when ‘lorn men went with faces blear
to battle with a crimson curse,
in sea of wood and wicked verse.

35-09-04 - Terrorweb Tunnel

A good-natured few followed the rangers into Eastweald, men, who, once before, had journeyed into the city of Stratholme to war with the army of de Rouen. There were sorceresses and fabled knights, a hardened paladin, and a peasant hero. From the Two Towers over Thondroril, they sought the dregs of Dathrohan deep in the infested woods, where ghouls and evil men had named the hovels ‘Terrordale’ in the later years. With the mountains between them, the Captain of Lordamere sought entry through a tunnel in pitch-black beneath the ground, in the cavernous places where deep evil long rooted. But there waited their adversary with a host of living corpses at his beck and call, and in that narrow passage, the men were funnelled - unable to break through.

35-09-05 - Terrordale

On the second day, they tried again, this time going around the mountains, into the festering heart of the Plaguewoods where no cramped tunnels stood to impede the press of men or the whistling of arrows, and in the dim of skies clouded with terrible fumes, a battle that lasted for hours was fought between the living and the dead until the horrors were departed their hovels, and the head of their evil priest was thrown at the feet of the Undead Commander, before the gates of Stratholme.

Pursuing our rivalry with the fanatic dead, we’ve had some wholesome rp-pvp with this gang, alongside some very fine roleplayers. Many thanks to all who participated in the Battle for Terrordale!


Glad to see you guys kicking still! :smile:
Hope to see you around, even if I’m Horde these days.


Two glorious days, more to come in the future!



35-09-07 - Western Plaguelands

Lordaeron - land of cruelty and odium, for where lie the conscience of men who kill their kind? In riven days, as they were in the year 627 by the King’s Calendar, there was voluminous killing in the leaderless land though it had once been the jewel of the human kingdoms. The killing itself wore not one face, but many. Gone were the days of Saidan and Arthas, the evil in their deeds left to be furthered by lesser men. It was in this year of harrowing, that, amongst the untold stories of men killing men, there was one of poor cropper Matthew Mickens who was celebrated in Hearthglen for his pumpkin produce, and who, on the night of the seventh day that month, hanged from a tree, with a noose around his neck.

On his property, lay there two dead beasts - horses in the bearings and bardings of the Scarlet Monastery, and in his house, pots lay shattered, and shelves turned over.

Can we get an F in the chat


F, poor Matthew.


Very cool people and prime hunters of scarlets. Looking forward to meeting you again!


I just wanted to sit on a bench to vent out anger through contemplation…
Guess there is no rest for the damned with their vigilante overwatch over the Plaguelands…


35-09-11 - Alterac

Having re-ignited the spirit of contention against the Scarlet Crusaders, living and dead, other challenges awaited the rangerhood, as dark forces stirred in the west beyond the alpine creeks of Alterac. Meeting with faces of the past, such as Sir Ruagaire Maitland, and Orentil the Heir-Seeker, the lake-men of Lordamere took to accompany the knights Stuart, Amberden, and Davech into the mountains, to serve vigil over the cold and the unkempt.

An uncanny and unnatural icy wind swept through the lost lands of Perenolde, treating the travellers to the most frigid devilry with a trail of frozen thieves in its wake. Fell wolves came at midnight, preying on wretched weakness. Fortunately, the storms could be sheltered from, and mangy predators kept at bay from the outlook of a single, solitary place - a Broken Tower.

The rangers have taken up with their allies, to hold vigil in Alterac, where day and night is filled with danger. Many thanks to the excellent roleplayers in The Broken Tower. More adventures await!


35-09-18 - Elwynn Forest

Word got around about a break-in, at the private home of Delmer Nygell whose work revolved around the preserval and cataloging of certain archives in the Royal Library, recently retired due to steadily declining health. It was said that the furniture had been turned over, and undisclosed objects had been looted from the property. Old Nygell, himself, who had not been seen since his withdrawal from public life, has been reported missing, altogether, since the burglary.

No one is safe.



… and so it was that Emeric’s company came southward on the sixteenth day of the ninth month. The year 627 was passing quickly and though ignominy and attrition shaped the husk of home, this land they entered was pleasant and green, full of life and fertile soil that late summer. What set apart those plagueland foreigners, those rangers, from the mannerly people, bar the very obvious, proved to be the ways of the troublemaker, and from the King’s Road on a dubious Elwynn night, it would be that some unsavory eyes caught sight of those selfsame grey cloaks in the midst of some effrontery on the eighteenth day.

Alas, that was not the last time the rangers of lorn Lordamere, and the rugged outlaws of Elwynn saw each other. Their test was yet to come.

35-09-28 - Elwynn Forest

A lazy dawn-to-dark was known between the center town and the king’s gate, there among the trees of Elwynn. A hazy, bright sunlight shone, through foliage, between the Stonefield patch and the vineyard valley. Unknown, in backwoods east and trite, between that cairn lake and the river light, there was a secret altercation of guns and black arrows - outlaws and rangers.

The days went on bloody, for nestled amidst the ill deeds of banditry were ranger taunts made of bodkin, whistling out of unseen night to glance and pierce at unwary hide. When the arrival of knights errant brought the striking resemblance of law to the greymantled brotherhood, they decided to strike at the heart of the bandit territory, in the valley of water and stone cairns.

Desperation is the death, or birth, of courage, however, so much that fear and hatred can birth a bloodlust even in the lowliest footpad. Ambush! Men fought like animals, too busy in their callousness for life to notice death personified, the coming of the ghoul groans.

When the evil eyes of the forest fixed on live and livid man, the dead had risen again.

Many thanks to the Brigands and everyone else involved in the delightful scrap of last night! With pre-patch soon to launch, we look forward to a new, epic story in the making. Now is an exciting and terrible time to be a Lordamere Ranger.


Safe to say that the Rangers were taught a lesson in humility last night.

I wholeheartedly recommend joining this guild for quality, down to earth RP and for the occassional Shakespearean monologue.


Join today to stay up to speed on all the new words Emeric invents as he rps