[A-RP] Moonlight Intercession


This seems more than epic, something I’d love to attend, and hopefully would

Elune’adore :slight_smile:


* A letter is sent to the Handmaidens of Elune`s order*
Greetings sisters of the moon, though distance between our kin are far we have heard your summon and gathering call. The court of Dawn shall take part of this event and a messenger will be sent in advance to arrange proper accommodations.
Matriarch Lady Dawnwind

( We shall be between 10- 15 members joining )

(Mithralles) #26

Seems this is getting real big!

I’m so excited!


-throaty gulp-


So, i was just wondering, what non-playable races are allowed? I’m talking everything between Ogres, Furbolg and Sons of Cenarius.


That is quite a broad question haha! Perhaps if you could be a bit more specific I could answer you better?


Well, mostly ogres, furbolgs or Sons of Cenarius.

(Mithralles) #31

I doubt any of those filthy, savage ogres holds faith in Elune.


Thagidash is…special.


I think for the time being, for simplicity’s sake, we’ll keep the guest list for the Allied races for now!



(Hedris) #35

I would post this on my Handmaiden character but the forum still isnt showing her as an option. used my BFA boost so probably waiting till i get 111.

Anyway, Story time!!

Just a little something to deal with an obvious potential issue

(Ercia) #38

I’ll see if I can make it tonight on my priest!


Coming and attending!
This gonna be interesting and fun!


Thanks so much to everybody that came along, even the OOC people hiding in Stealth!

Think it went rather well, couple of hiccups but hey its our first event! had a great time!

(Ercia) #41

Thank you for the event and for putting up with the zealous priestess, it was fun!


Thank you so much to everybody who came, contributed, and who really embraced the spirit of the event! We are aware there is some polishing that needs to be done in terms formatting (Aka Niámh needs to waffle less!) but we would really like do this again next month, if people are interested?


Next month you’re gonna have us stalking from upstairs or something, I swear. - I mean erm… A… Innocent group of Kaldorei will come from the Broken Isle to watch.


Moon cheese… Hmmm.

(Mythundis) #45

A very nice event in general!

I think there were several fun parts. The prayer was interesting, the singing was funny (albeit a little confusing at times!) and the speeches at the end were also very curious to see – Maercia brought a “controversial” point of view to the table, Delanae spoke about the Horde, and so on.

I have one little point of improvement, though. I think these events can become even greater when there’s more player interaction. In tonight’s case, people sang together but I think having people do more things together is more engaging for them while also making the event less of a strain on yourself.

Overall a grand event and, if we happen to be nearby for the next one, we’ll definitely swing by again!