[A] [RP/PVP/PVE] <Cult>

Oh, dear…
These truly are strange times we live in, aren’t they? Prisons overflowing, factions vying for power, even gods emerging from their slumbers…

Doesn’t anybody have time for a nice meal anymore?

Well, we haven’t all forgotten what life’s pleasures are about. Crushing a tiny spirit, watching them scream out in futility, then maybe kicking back and pouring out a sweet, warm mug of gnomish crimson in The Slaughtered Lamb’s basement. Special reserve, I’ll have you know! Circa… well, don’t worry about all of that now.

The <Cult> is looking for interesting, personable, unique or otherwise… open minded members to join them in our journey. The <Cult> wants adventurers looking for an experience they’ll remember, and guildmates that will remember them, always. The <Cult> wants people with a desire to make a difference in the world, and companions that always have time to pull up a chair for a drink, meal, or sacrifice or two.

But most of all…?
The <Cult> wants you.

Naturally, gnomes are more than welcome.
We’d love to have you for dinner sometime.

[More info]
Well, if you’re this far down, something I said must’ve hooked you. So here’s the deets.

We’re a RP/WPVP/PVE guild of around 80 members looking to expand! We’re really dedicated to creating a fun, engaging environment and host monthly RP events, and we’ve only just begun!

Coming up this month alone we have a guild Secret Satan event planned, with even more secret projects in the work, many collaborating with other RP guilds.

But it’s not all about RP! We’re also big on the social aspect of the game, and it’s not unusual for you to easily find guildies for most mid-high level dungeons, or get help on whatever you need!

We’ve got a really great community so far, and a discord to boot. Most of us are mid 40/50s with some members just now reaching their 60s, and our GM is the dark lady herself, [Lillith]!

If you’ve got a good attitude, we’d absolutely love to have you on board with us. If you’re interested, find one of us in-game, mail me, or reach out to us on our discord at /HZF8aTf

Until then, stay evil.


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