[A-RP Scholarly Guild/Community] The Royal Academy

Around stormwind, lakeshore and Darkshire, a number of fliers have been posted on notice boards in the inns, and around the city, seeking applicants for positions as professors of effectively every subject one could imagine teaching.
A second set of fliers, posted beside the first, encourage those seeking apprenticeships to sign up to the royal academy instead, where they will receive a full education, the equal of any apprenticeship or squireship.

About Us:
The Royal Academy is a newly formed Academic guild, seeking professors of all subjects (not just magic! We want tradespeople and all the other classes too!)
We hope to be able to offer courses in a wide variety of subjects, as well as push the boundaries of research into all trades and classes. Operating much like a university, we aim to provide funding for research, as well as teaching. For the most part, teaching is intended to take place off-screen, during the day, while roleplay time can focus on the interactions between Professors, who would have little reason to be in one-another’s lessons.
Events would focus on research trips and expeditions. With a mixture of events suited to different areas of research, with a focus on cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Students are welcome, either studying under a general course or working directly with a Professor. Guild membership is not required for students, but is an option, who are welcome to attend lessons during their downtime, as well as join the guild for casual RP and events where they do not have prior commitments with their own guilds.

We will also happily engage in RP around NPC family, for those wishing to send their un-role-played offspring and siblings to the academy, in order to create an engaging story, and promote cross-guild RP.

Not just a guild, but a community!
Even if you are committed to another guild, we encourage you to come interact with us! Guest lecturers, part time students, parents of students, or even just passers by, looking for someone knowledgeable in a certain subject, we want to create an environment where all kinds of scholarly roleplay can thrive!


awesome idea for starting RPers or anyone else who would wish to see their character grow in a field of choice ! I myself am excited.

“You will not pass the semester!!!”

Good luck with this. Sounds very cool

Thank you for the support!
We’re hoping to get a few more core membership before we begin public events.
We’ve had a fair bit of interest in people performing guest lectures, so once we’re settled in, we look forwards to getting those set up!

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