A-Rp Tactical and Intelligence. The Theramore Anchor (DISBANDED)

Each day the Sergeant would wake up the troops at 6 AM alongside the rest of the barracks with pots and pan making noise, breakfast is served or a ration is cook over the fire if you don’t like whats serve, do that is always random of what ration you get. Training would commence at 7 am sharp and carry on to the evening before you dismiss, the training is mostly physical exercises and lessons at the Acadamy in tactics and theory of war and history this would carry on throughout the week.

We shall be interrupting training a bit even with low numbers to attend The Hour of Reckoning server event, to get out there and assist the Alliance and show ourself out into the world this Wednesday. Tomorrow we set off to field train right smack middle of Drustvar Gorna be exiting if people attend.
Also due to a few leaving irl reasons we now reopening our recruitment yet again prefer experience fighters that can be for now put under as an Auxillary force and I make some sort of everyday rp to train them and hold some training events again in the new year delaying a guild campaign plan until we got a steady 5 members or more.
Merry Chrismas to you all.

Limbering in the harbour is the Kul Tiran ship a Fire-class type do with more cannons then allowed on it is tied to the docks, with twenty dead sailors being sent back to the sea as per tradition as the tidesages prays for their souls, meanwhile, thirty injuried are treated on the battered ship. Cannons and ammo are being replaced and the ship repaired, while also collecting the cannon balls used in the battle the damage to the harbour upper parts are great but well it was a battle. Sergeant Darimis Sharktris and the First Mate Jankis Seabeach is debriefing and writing report to send back after a terrible night.

And so ends our event with The Hour of Reckoning on the Alliance, I return as an npc for the Horde but for now we in Stormwind recruiting and re supplying so we can return to Boralus. Thank you too Kump for hosting and npcs for good rp fighting fun and also the rest for a lovely experiance. We join mostly the Goldmane guild and the one that follow them late but hey better late then never.

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Was nice to have these guys in Stormwind’s event!

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Thank you so much, I happy to attend more if you do more on A side if it fits our speciality even if I mostly did this one myself and +1. cries

To the Rest, I wish a Merry Christmas and A happy new year when that time comes. We pick things up in the new year and hopefully solve our inactivity and recruitment issues and get back into events. For now, we actively looking for Troops, be new to the military, veterans or Penal/ex Criminals or the odd grey character. We are happy to take everyone along except those mention above in the main post due to lore reasons.
Again Merry Christmas and A happy new year To all the good rpers!

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Right with break almost over for us, we sadly bee in a period of recruitment to get at least 3 active members besides myself before we carry on events and other fun things do am limited to a few days a week as it is for long stays on due to irl. But a hopefully good 2021 on all side irl and in game.
If you curios about Kul Tiran military rp or like what you see then make contact with me in game or find me in the Kul Tiran community discord.
December was intresting period with both a short lovely campaign the guild attended and sadly a few leaving due to irl reasons but yet I carry on, fighting to remain active as a guild and GM and provide fun and good rp moments.

So Right some changes has been made to uniform and promotions, tonight we recruit as well as troughout the Week when I can mostly the next two days. Not to late to sign up for some jolly good fun with a small guild!
We aint dyin yet!

I update this post a lot, the latest changes are to better describe what this guild is and who it is. Next week we settle ourself in Arom stand, Drustvar as our home turf do keeping Borulas as staging area with a hidden staging post only known to the Platoon.
So if you enjoy the more Tactical approach were combat is not always the best option and investigation into things rather then a straight-up go fight them there. Then make contact with me.
For Kul Tiras and the Lord Admiral!

Feels like am a lone poster just spamming o well. Anyrate due to us attending Return of the Damned pt3 we closing recruitment at the end of next month so we may give the host our precise number and make room for others if we cant go with the max 20 as I put it. My hope is to get at least 3 aktive people. More info to come about that as soon I got them. For now I am gorna do some heavy recruitment efforts as boring as that is, so now chance if you want some jolly good old tactical approch RP, with a rather relax military rp guild to sign up!

After concerning reports of witches, a traitor Captain and a possible trip to Northrend coming up the meeting went smoothly, the platoon now focuses its attention onto tactical intelligence gathering and investigations that can be a treat at home or abroad. Comms were handed out to all present and allow them to talk in secret gnome made do rather hard and expansive to get and assignment to second unit for current members. Overall the platoon is looking ahead to a bright future

Just short recap of last nights guild meeting, we moving forward steadyly with a new goal and purpose in these times. Hopefully we get a few more to join before the end of this month and repick up events next week.

Hello and merry do or whatever.
Anyway last week of recruitment for us. I have now updated this post rather than simply making a new one, with our new course set onto Tactical and Intelligence rp for the future.
No matter our low numbers my focus as the GM is for people to have fun while with us and not feel press into doing RP IRL first.
We spend the next month on our own plotline and attend in April the Return of the Dammed part 3, our first major campaign were we hopefully make friends :slight_smile: .
I am hopeful this after a rough few months is coming into its own type of RP and finding a footing and with us moving a bit away from the strictly pure military due to the current state of things it would be a bit more fun for us.
So if you like to be a mean green machine then come join us while you can. Recruitment won’t pick up before May again.

A good day too you all!

Today marks the end of a sadly unsuccesfull recruitment period. We now entering our first plotlines with traitors, witches and mysteries Agent. Following this we attend our 2 server event and first long campaign that of the Return off the Dammed part 3. Very exiting stuff going on even if we few in numbers.
We still semi recruit by intrest if we can fit said character into our plans but otherwise we wont actively recruit anymore before april 25 at the earliest.

Great to see more sailors for the vast sea! Maybe we’ll cross paths somewhere there! :skull_and_crossbones:

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If we are on the 30th companies ship for transport sure, otherwise we more landlubbers doing what we can.

This isn’t meant to be horrible, just a suggestion. I noticed you seem to be struggling for numbers. Perhaps proof reading your posts may help? I noticed quite a few grammar and spelling errors. I appreciate writing can be difficult for some, especially if English isn’t your first language, but people can be very fussy with the guilds they chose to invest their time and little details can make a big difference. If in doubt, ask a friend to read it through before you post it, perhaps?

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I don’t got friends else it would be a good suggestion, I put all my writing trough Grammarly free and that’s the best I can do to catch as many errors as possible. A: Am not an editor quality writer. B: If people want to be gramma police fine with me, just don’t expect all to have perfect writing. :slight_smile:
This not meant defensively nor aggressively just wish to point that out.
(apologies for the late answer irl has been busy)

In other news, we will be wrapping up the first part of our plotline next week and return to a Training and likely recruitment week before heading to Northrend for the Return of the Dammed part 3 campaign.

This week we try to reinforce our horrible numbers as It is before deploying Sunday to Northrend to take part in the Return of the Dammed for a whole week, so if you don’t want to miss out blowing up undeads or interested in agent type rp with a twist of tactical military approch now be a good time to join us.

On the fifth of this month the 30th company of the second fleet, consisting of 6 fireships and lots of marines onboard alongside the Tactical 8 platoon code name the Theramore Anchor set sail from Fort Dailin to Northrend to assist the alliance in holding the undead back and provide relief. With barely any intel on numbers or strength, they going in blind. The green men and women of Kul Tiras are heading to the icy frozen Dragonblight, tides be with them!

We now set north towards Nothrend and due to irl issues on my side we won’t arrive before Friday, a sad case truly but we excited to make new friends and blow shiet up in nothrend. I shall be one of the DMs in this and am excited for that as well. That means we gotta close recruitment down unless one got a seriously good reason to join up us her. We are back on the 19 this month or close to it.

In now way am I tossing in the towel, I enjoy this so far but am drain, bad recruitment-lack of attending of events with wasted energy planing and this camapaign goin to hell. I simply drain. I focus on more of a group rp, using discord to garther but otherwise only have a guild as ooc. So thank you all its been a rocky journey but I feel militiary days are over. GL and I see you out there. This not poor gm is simply awfull expansion killing RP. I carry on focusing on as a DM.
Thanks to all that given us a heart, you been most supportive but as of now we offialy disbanding.


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