[A-RP] 🛠 The Gnomish Air Corps - Gnomish Fun!


Och yes*

Seems ye fergo’ ye be a dwarf laddeh, no’ a gnome…

But yeah! Good idea to fly with gnomes on our cute mighty Gryphons!

TE THE SKIIIIIES!!! Gryphon screaming

(Akamito) #33

I used to play a Gnomish fighter pilot in WotLK, this guild brings back the urge to jump into that kind of RP once more!


If I have time I will show up on my Gnome :slight_smile:

(Jessicka) #35




I normally, and I don’t know why, refer to Male Gnomes as Gnomers and Female Gnomes as Gnomettes… just 'cus.


I sometimes do that too, it’s cute :relaxed:

(Desartin) #39

I’m not a gnome rp’er myself, nor do I think I’ll become one in the near future, but I do like seeing this initiative and hope you guys can do it. Here’s already one human that won’t try to punt you fer the lulz but will treat you as a serious char!


Many thanks to Peso Pulselight and Bittsi Mechamist for coming by our first training session.

Low jumping covered and general safety before a higher jump from a gyrocopter. A fun little hour of Gnomishness.

Random screenshots will be added to our Argent Archive page later.

(Keltaniis) #41

Had a lot of fun RPing with the folks in the guild and their associates.

Thanks for donating so much coin to my scam, hope to benefit financially from you good natured fools again sometime!


Cheers Kelt, anytime you need someone to scam just holla…

In other news I’ve updated the first post with links to image gallery one and two also our recruitment poster!

imgur .com/gallery/pbzZEf8

imgur .com/a/54caW29

We’re also off on our first deployment on Sunday evening. We’re going to be providing aerial support & logistics with a side of scouting for the Liontooth Squadron in the upcoming Theatres of War: Ports in the Storm.

(Vixí) #43

Gnomeregan Pride So happy things are going well for you :smiley:



Was thinking about something like this, especially with the PTR happenings. Will have to keep a look out!


Love these guys. Enjoyable bit of Aerial combat outside the Rppvp in Ghostlands.



Was great to get a foe to fight. The whole Ghostlands fighting we’ve been grounded… cus we can’t really fly. But tonight! Tonight we flew! 5 Gnomes doing bombing and strafing runs! Huzzzah! Then Haelyra came along and gave us a good fight in the air as well.

Was a cracking evening!

(Bertel) #47

Great initiative!

More options for guild choices for Gnome RP’ers that prefers to be in a Gnome themed guild are always really welcome.

Great to see someone advocating for more Gnome RP by creating more opportunities for it to happen.

I wish you the best of luck with your guild.


Extremely cool, down-to-earth concept.

I have noticed an influx of Gnomes due to 8.2 being at our doorstep, I hope you guys will have a lot more gnomes joining soon!


Just dumping an update! That sounds pleasant. Coming up to a month into this project and so far it’s been ace, really enjoyed myself and I hope others have enjoyed our interactions with them as well.

So far:

  • We’ve performed Parachute training by throwing ourselves off scaffolding!
  • Had a blast moving north with the Liontooth Squadron over a few days.
  • Taken part in a long RP-PvP campaign and tinkererd our way to some success before withdrawing.
  • Taken part in ship to ship action with the Kul Tiran Marines and Liontooth Squadron.
  • Made a bunch of friends and grew our numbers.

Coming up:

  • A wargame training event over 7-10days!
  • We have another smaller RP-PvP campaign.
  • A Diving and Treasure hunt event that we won at a raffle!
  • ANOTHER small RP-PvP campaign.

So we’re going to be fairly busy that is for sure! Running supplies, tinkerering up defences and working on our machines and hopefully taking part in some air based combat!

Images of our adventures can be found on Imgur Galleries:

Gallery One /imgur.com/gallery/pbzZEf8

Gallery Two /imgur.com/a/54caW29

Gallery Three /imgur.com/a/hJO5o3B

Thanks for reading! And Tinker on!
Be Safe, Be Well, Be careful!


(Wikkin) #51

Oh! Very nice!