[A-RP] The Gnomish Air Corps - Gnomish Fun!


Argent Dawn has countless gnomes, just not the right kind.

(Vixí) #22

What is the right kind? Leper gnomes?


any kind that’s not funny haha xd cupcakes and cuteness :skull:


Vixi is one of the right kinds :heart:

(Vixí) #25

Approach and giggles. “You want to have my cupcwakes Vonasha-san? Also, have you seen these bubblez?!”

…I feel dirty doing that. I like Vixi as the pragmatic, non-zaney gnome she is.

(Vixí) #26

You are, such a big softie for an orc. I like you.


you’re on the list :skull: :dagger:


Does Bwonsamdi like to have gnome souls on “da otha side”?

I am imagining Bwonmon gets gnomed…



Thanks for all the replies, it’s great to see folks liking the idea and I hope myself and my fellow Gnomers can pull it off.

Also note that any race can join. :slight_smile: But yes, Weight restrictions apply! :stuck_out_tongue:

First training event is scheduled for Friday at 8pm. It will be The Parachute, the practical application of.
How to wear. How to use. How not to use. Then practical lessons.
Will be held down in the Docks of Stormwind by the Gnome Gyrocopters.



Oh you gonna gnome us? We have been gnomed?

Och, well, that’s good! Being gnomed is very good :smile:
With the incoming stuff in wow, and this guild, Gnomes will be really fun to play! I most likely will go for being a Gnomer! I mean, err… gnome!

(Thunderlung) #31

Oh yes, OH YES.

I like the looks of this, let’s fly!


Och yes*

Seems ye fergo’ ye be a dwarf laddeh, no’ a gnome…

But yeah! Good idea to fly with gnomes on our cute mighty Gryphons!

TE THE SKIIIIIES!!! Gryphon screaming

(Akamito) #33

I used to play a Gnomish fighter pilot in WotLK, this guild brings back the urge to jump into that kind of RP once more!


If I have time I will show up on my Gnome :slight_smile:

(Jessicka) #35




I normally, and I don’t know why, refer to Male Gnomes as Gnomers and Female Gnomes as Gnomettes… just 'cus.


I sometimes do that too, it’s cute :relaxed:

(Desartin) #39

I’m not a gnome rp’er myself, nor do I think I’ll become one in the near future, but I do like seeing this initiative and hope you guys can do it. Here’s already one human that won’t try to punt you fer the lulz but will treat you as a serious char!


Many thanks to Peso Pulselight and Bittsi Mechamist for coming by our first training session.

Low jumping covered and general safety before a higher jump from a gyrocopter. A fun little hour of Gnomishness.

Random screenshots will be added to our Argent Archive page later.