[A-RP] The Kings Footmen - Guard RP

On a unwelcoming evening in Stormwind two urchins seem to be fighting in the street. It’s unsure what they are fighting over.

 "That's not 'ow much you said! Give it back 'ere you rat! 
       Or I'll bash your brains in!"
      "Go for it! I betcha can't even throw a punch ya smelly sod"

On the cold cobblestone flooring you could here the clanking of the plated boots from The Kings Footmen. A roaring scream pierces the air.

 "In the name of the law. -STOP- there criminal scum."

The Kings Footmen are looking for new recruits to join their ranks!

You can find the recruitment poster pinned to most noticeboards around the city.

Who are The Kings Footmen!?

We’re a guard guild dedicated to eliminate any and all forms of crime within the city’s walls to ensure the safety of Stormwind’s law abiding citizens and uphold the King’s peace! We’re here to remind people that actions have consequences but at the same time have a little bit of fun!

What Are The Entry Requirements to join The Kings Footmen?

●We only accept Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes and High elves.
●You do not need past guard experience to join.
●We will not accept people that have had a criminal conviction.
●You must be able to read, write and speak common.
●You must be able to take commands when asked.

A little bit of OOC information.

Hello folks of AD. We’re currently in the new stages of forming this guard guild and are building from scratch! We are happy to accept feedback and questions! If you would like to apply for the guild just send a whisper in game to any member with the guild tag! Thank you for taking the time to read this post!


Good luck, folks. These are wild times in Stormwind. I see Thodim attached to this, looking forward to seeing what it will become.


Thank you so much! It is indeed wild times but we’re here to lay down the law! and yes we have good old Thodim within the ranks haha

Where have all the bad men gone, and where are all the crooks? :open_mouth:


Two questions from someone curious!

On the races you accept, whats the stance on worgen? Seeing as you are one but you may be RPing as a normal human for all I know.

On the RP front, will the RP you engage it be purely that made from interaction with other players, aswell as possibly engaging with other guilds. Or will you also be hosting your own DMed events and stories?

Also good luck with this!

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Yo good luck with this

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Hey, thank you for two great questions!

We’re in a bit of an iffy spot with worgen but I believe we will accept them as long as they don’t use their cursed form on duty. As for the RP front we will be engaging with other guilds and interactions with other players. I believe in time we will have a few DMed events and even some stories.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you anonymous person!

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Recruit Dahlia, reporting for duty!


Glad of a guild to take up the City Hall mantle.

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Another guard guild for us crims lawful citizens to fight with be protected by? Awesome! Good luck on this, new Tincans and Blueberries!

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Best of luck from your colleagues across the sea :green_heart: :wave:


Thank you so much! :heart:


Recruit Ludgrove reporting for duty!

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The Kings Footmen has recently went under a number of changes.
We are still around and welcome all those who are interested to delve into guardsman everyday life.

For the time being, if you are interested to join - please seek us out at the Town’s Hall office, Cathedral Square or poke either Tenebries or Anestre.

King’s honor! o>
Tenebres Stormblade.