⚔ [A-RP] The King's Footmen - Military/Guard RP

Stop right there, criminal scum! Nobody breaks the law on our watch! Weŗe confiscating your stolen goods. Now pay your fine with blood or coin or it’s off to jail!

:green_book: The King’s Footmen
Welcome to Golf Company! A military unit, assigned to the Stormwind Defense against domestic and foreign threats, tasked with law enforcement duties but is not limited to other military operations within our outside Alliance borders. Nicknamed as “The King’s Footmen”, main goal is to preserve peace via civil or combat affairs.

:green_book: Guild’s philosophy
We respect everyone’s RP and ask to respect ours. Doing “guard vs criminal” type of RP can lead to a numerous equally joyful RP experiences as vice versa. Our main philosophy is that OOC communication is preferable to ensure that no parties are left on the “wrong” side of the affairs. As part of this, some time ago we’ve initiated a Community Lawbook project, where people are free to use it as a guidance/reference material that shares core value of RP we follow.

Old Thread: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/rp-project-stormwind-community-lawbook/ (Will relaunch at some point soon).

:blue_book: How to join:
Approach any of our soldiers, make your way to our Headquarters, situated in the SI:7 building next to Old Town, or whisper an officer.

:closed_book: Unit is also actively seeking medical personnel, staff and investigators.

**Recruiting officers: Tenébres, Galrick, Ëmberly, Lothsoran, Celione, Deynia, Rasarian.

We accept most races as long as it makes sense to the story and fact, why would they serve in Alliance Military. Any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to one of us or make a post on this thread.

Long live the King! :crossed_swords:

Any eager investigators around? :eyes:

When I see Tenebres, I kek.

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Alive and well, still looking for able souls to join His Majesty army!

Curious about the flavour of character your people are looking for.
By this I was wondering if the “unit” you roleplay as has roles for things beyond your standard sword and board soldier.
Namely magi, military intelligence/counter-intelligence (Rogues essentially) and faith based “medical” sorts rather than surgeons. Clerics (Priests/Paladins) essentially.

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Hey, sorry for a late reply!
We have two main branches - soldiers and investigators.
Soldiers have additional specialization - “Field Medic” for those who wish to pursue that path. They still continue to do soldier duties but also are capable to provide advanced medical treatment.