[A-RP] The Wayfarer Association - Adventure with Friends

In Character

After the end of the Fourth War, and the Scourge’s invasion, the old ‘Wayfarers Bond’ found itself disbanded, leaving a small group of adventurers on their own. Rather than go back to their old lives, these adventurers decided to form a new group: The Wayfarer Association, a slightly more official adventuring group that would actively look for work, rather than only do it on occasion.

While only registered in Ironforge and Stormwind, the newly formed organisation aims to expand outward into the world, build up a reputation, and rake in all the rewards that come from being an established adventuring group. However, it won’t be easy; one doesn’t just show up, claiming to be an adventuring organisation and just pick up lucrative contracts. The Wayfarer Association is only just starting out, only managing to save enough money together for a connection to the mail service. It’ll take a lot of work, and money, to turn a small group of wandering yahoos into a full-fledged adventuring group.

Officially, The Wayfarer Association are Alliance affiliated, but being adventurers, that gives them a degree of flexibility in the contracts they undergo. So long as the contract isn’t with the Horde military, or directly detrimental to The Alliance, a contract could be taken up with anyone!

The current goal of the group is to start doing smaller contracts in the Eastern Kingdoms, within Alliance controlled areas, to build up a reputation and unlock more lucrative contracts, and then expand out into other territories, once they can prove that they’re capable of completing harder tasks.

Out of Character

Guild Premise

The Wayfarer Association is a general purpose adventure guild, with a focus on character progression, but revolving around taking out contracts and progressing the organisation as a whole. Since it’s just just starting out, the progression for the guild will be mainly based around getting registered in areas around the world and building up a reputation so newer, more dangerous contracts can be acquired.

Another big focus for the guild is the bonds between characters. The Wayfarer Association is essentially a group of adventuring buddies that became official, so we’d like to keep that general idea, rather than becoming some sort of military or mercenary group.


Events for The Wayfarer Association are generally going to be standard adventure stuff, though the aim is to be a bit more than just regular combat events. So, maybe one week we’re fighting off kobolds, the next we’re bodyguards posing as wait staff for an officious noble that’s so sure of his importance that he’s insistent that someone’s out to kill him.

In terms of ‘theme’ or how dark events can get, we’d like to keep it at around PG-13, or at least only as dark as Blizzard tends to have Warcraft at. We don’t really want to get into super grim stories as a guild just yet, though for personal stories done for individual characters, things can get grimmer, depending on what’s needed. As a guild, though, we’d like to keep things a little lighthearted if we can.

Due to the ‘early days’ aspect of the guild at present, events aren’t going to be involving super bombastic threats. It doesn’t make a ton of sense for a low level adventuring group to be tackling major issues like that, or at least not yet.

We don’t have a rolling system, and have no intention of making one. We have a rule that if you want to make a personal roll for yourself, that’s fine, but the DM will never ask you for a roll.

In terms of DMs, we have four at the moment, consisting of myself, Ornul, Grunjolf and Falornh, though making events isn’t limited to just those people. Anyone is free to make something, so long as it’s not too dark, and doesn’t require us to make character sheets.

Who we’re looking for

Given the general focus on the bonds between characters, we don’t have many strict rules on the types of character we’d take. However, we would like characters to be a bit sociable, or at least open to becoming more sociable as time progresses. Loner types can be cool, but they’re a bit difficult to talk to, and we really would like our characters to grow closer as we progress.


In Character, The Wayfarer Association has a mailbox, and they are officially ‘registered’ in Stormwind and Ironforge, so a letter will eventually find its way to them.

Out of Character, you can either PM any of the officers (myself, Ornul, Falornh or Grunjolf), or send us a mail, and we’ll have a quick chat about your character, what you’d like to do with them, maybe meet them IC and we’ll see how things go.


Re-posted since the last thread hadn’t been posted in for a while.

We’re just about reaching the end of our first storyline for the guild, and after that, we’ll be taking some vacation time to recruit and get some much needed R&R IC.


I love a good adventuring concept! I will deffo be in contact soon to find out further! :slight_smile: With you all the best of luck till then!

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Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

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