[A-RPPVP] Alliance 10th Brigade: War Games at Dun Agmar (19th May)


THE WAR GAMES AT DUN AGMAR: AN ALLIANCE-ONLY RPPVP CAMPAIGN: [A-RPPVP] Alliance 10th Brigade: War Games at Dun Agmar (19th May)
Want to see what the 10th Brigade is about? Get in touch and come along (see ‘how to join’ further down this post). The event will begin on 19th May and continue for about 7-10 days, and participation in the War Games is open to current and prospective members of the 10th!

Your mission is to bring justice upon the Banshee Queen’s Horde - to avenge the Burning of Teldrassil and make them pay tenfold for their crimes against peace!

In one decisive blow, we will behead the snake that is the Horde; we will finish what was started long ago, and put right the wrong that was the so-called ‘truce’ in the wake of the Siege of Orgrimar!

For Lordaeron! For the King! Death to the Horde!

The Alliance 10th Brigade is an Alliance-side multi-guild organisation which has been the in-character command structure of the Alliance side of a number of RPPVP campaigns since July 2018. At each of these campaigns, the 10th has been a more temporary thing (despite me saying I’d make it a formal thing at some point…)

Nevertheless, the 10th Brigade has undergone major changes and improvements to its command structure and the depth of involvement it offers to its members since its creation. After some revision, therefore, it’s been decided that the 10th Brigade will be a permanent and ongoing project open to all like-minded guilds on the Alliance side of AD!

IF YOU WANT ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT WHAT THE 10TH IS, READ THE DOCTRINE (in the link below). This thread is just a quick summary of things, but the doctrine has all the specific details that are probably of more interest to someone who might want to get their guild involved in it.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/4eeuChF

Doctrine: tinyurl.com/10thBrigadeDoctrine

What is the 10th Brigade?

In short, it is a collection of guilds which have RPPVPed with each other in previous campaigns (most notably the Battle of Lordaeron). Pretty much all of these guilds are pro-Alliance, anti-Horde (sometimes strongly so). Nonetheless, there is a wide variety of guilds under the banner of the 10th, of varying races and styles.

What does it do?

The Alliance 10th Brigade provides:

  • An IC excuse for Alliance High Command to entrust a mixed bag of guilds with war supplies at campaigns: in times of need, the 10th is patched together out of various types of companies and orders to conduct a task.

  • Some IC structure to the Alliance attendees at said campaigns: the 10th’s command structure is a tried-and-tested thing, with new faces being appointed to officer roles depending on who is attending a campaign.

  • Pre-campaign events such as social activities, officer meetings and training exercises (using the War Games feature).

  • Access to Brigade-only RPPVP: using the War Games feature, Alliance players can RPPVP against Alliance players. The idea is to host a Brigade-scale training exercise in friendly territory. More on this later.

What doesn’t it do?

The 10th Brigade does not impose anything remotely comparable to military RP on anybody except those who are willing to get involved in it (i.e., the Brigade Headquarters staff).

Similarly, the 10th does not seek to impose the guidelines in its Doctrine upon anyone outside the 10th’s roster. That being said, the guidelines have been made so over the course of several campaigns, and are widely accepted as being the ‘middle ground’ between the Alliance’s more violent patriots and their TREASONOUS less violent brothers-in-arms.

When does the structure of the 10th apply?

The 10th Brigade is only utilised when (a) the majority of the campaigns Alliance attendees are members of the 10th Brigade AND (b) the attending guilds agree to go as the 10th Brigade.

What sort of guilds can join?

Any, really, providing they’re pro-Alliance/anti-Horde and aren’t evil (Scarlets, bandits etc.). There’s room for more civilian-orientated guilds in the Brigade, forming part of the logistics battalion/the campsite staff. Feel free to join the discord and ask me if your guild would fit in.

Okay, how do I sign up?

Get your guild master to sign up first. Have them go to the discord (see link at the top of this post) and have them contact either the Force Commander or one of the Discord Staff. After a bit of vetting (to ensure that the right sort of guilds are in the 10th), they’ll be given a GM tag.

Guilds/guild masters that have been actively roleplaying recently will be given access to the discord relatively quickly. In some cases, we might ask you to come back later when things are more established (in the case of exceptionally new guilds).

Once your guild is in, just join the discord link above (if you want to keep up to date with everything in real-time). Please change your nickname to your character name and your character’s guild (in brackets).

If you have any questions /what anything clarified, ask away.


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The 10th Brigade; bringing warcrimes to an area near you!


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The Tenth Brigade, hand of Justice, we fight in the name of the King, in the name of the Light, of the Alliance…
From the cold shores of Northrend, to the plagued lands of Lordaeron
From the Forests of Kalimdor, to the gates of hell

We are the Tenth Brigade

An awesome bunch OOCly, cool and friendly, strongly recommended to ANYONE who wants to fight for their King, for their people…

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