[A] [S-HC] <Final Equilibrium> Raid Team Recruitment

Who we are

Final Equilibrium is an english speaking raiding guild that was originally formed on Aggramar EU on July 17, 2005 after a merger of two raiding guilds.
In vanilla WoW Final Equilibrium was one of the top raiding guilds on the server for a long time and was able to claim several alliance and server first kills.
In Classic WoW the guild currently consists of a strong core of original FE members that played on both retail vanilla and private servers and have experience in all tiers of content.
We aim to provide a friendly, social and cooperative enviroment with a group of mature players who know how to have fun while still taking the hours we spend in raids seriously.

A synopsis of the guilds early history can be found on wowwiki:


Videos of our adventures in vanilla and subsequent expansions can be found on the following youtube channel:


Class Recruitment

We are currently looking for all classes to fulfill their primary roles. (No meme specs!)
You are not required to be a certain race but optimal race/class combinations are encouraged.

We are currently looking for 2 Warrior tanks, one for each team with a 100% attendance rate.
We are also looking for exceptional players for both teams, all classes apart from priests and mages (no meme specs) with near 100% attendance.

Socials and those willing to act as a reserve for the main and 2nd team are always welcome.

What we want from you

We expect you to be lvl 60 at this time for the main team.
We expect you to be lvl 55 at this time for the 2nd team.
We expect you to be actively playing the game.
You are required to have all your alliance characters on the server in our guild (no dual loyalties).
You have to be 20+ years old to join.
You are required to be fluent in english in writing at the very least.
Class leaders will be required to speak in our discord to coordinate during raids. (Some class lead spots are still open and will be appointed based on performance and merit)
You need to have intimate knowledge of your class including all of it’s strenghts and drawbacks.
We encourage a high level of in-guild grouping and interaction so be ready to help your guildmates with attunements and collecting their pre-raid BIS.
We expect you to have all the necessary addons installed before you enter the raid and to bring as many raid appropriate consumables as possible.
High raid attendance.

Raid Schedule

The main team raids twice a week on Fridays and Mondays from 20:00 till 23:00 server time. (MC and Ony split runs on Friday, Monday as an option depending on Ony resets)
Our 2nd team will raid 1 day per week on Thursday.
Weekends will be reserved for ZG and AQ20 during early/late afternoons when they are released. These raids will be optional and they will not be part of our regular raiding schedule.
It is likely we will add a third raid day to the regular schedule once a new tier phase is released to farm the older tiers.
As soon as all raids are on farm that third day will likely drop off again and we’ll hold speedruns through content on farm status.

Loot Distribution

We will be using EPGP to distribute raidloot.
Class/Spec priority on certain items will be enforced.
There will be other methods of earning points besides showing up and completing raids such as providing materials to the guild bank for consumables.
However there will be a limit to the amount of points you can earn outside of raids to prevent abuse.
EPGP will not be used for the 20 man raids and loot will instead be distributed by a random /roll.

How to get in touch with us

If you are interested in joining a guild with a history as rich as that of Final Equilibrium you can contact the following members ingame:


You can also leave a reply in this thread and we will subsequently contact you when you are online ingame to have a chat.
Please state the role you intend to perform during raids.
Be sure to mention your class and classic wow character name if you post with your retail character profile.


I remember you guys running around on Aggramar!

Like now I was horde back then (The Dominion and Is Hard) but if I was alliance I would definitely send you guys an application.

To any alliance players on this server who wants the real deal and want to experience raiding done right, you should check these guys out. If they are half as good as they were back in the day, you will be clearing raids in no time!

Good luck to you guys, I will be following this space :slight_smile:


Hi Bus, thank you for your kind words. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sorry to see you rolling horde again. You would have been more than welcome to join us.
For the alliance! :wink:


Mages, Rogues and Holy Paladins are currently high on the priority list.

Come join the fun! :slight_smile:

We currently are no longer looking for Priests (10/09/2019)
We currently are no longer looking for Warrior Tanks (11/09/2019)

Come on guys, join the party! :smiley: Our rooster is quickly filling up. Join us friendly people :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

where can i apply ?

We currently are no longer looking for Druids (17/09/2019)
We currently are no longer looking for Warlocks (17/09/2019)

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@nexz Write to a member in game :smile:

Are you still looking for members?

We are still looking for LVL60 Mages for the raid team at this time.
Anyone wanting to join as a social member or reserve for the raid team would be most welcome.
Please send me a /w ingame to have a chat.

Are your raid times GMT+1 so 8PM UK time at the moment? Or do you mean UK time +1.

GMT+1 = CET (Central European Time) = Server Time.


Server time is currently on CEST which is GMT+2.

en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/Central_European_Summer_Time

We are looking for one more reasonably geared LVL60 Hunter at this time.

Please contact either Moonori or myself ingame if you wish to apply.


Hi there,

My name is Laura and I am currently 10/10 MC and 1/1Onyxia. I am seeking a home to raid on a regular basis with my hunter.

I have 90% of the pre-raid BiS and some items from the raids already. I also have a douse available if needed, but it seems like you already have enough!

Your raid days fit with me really well.

If you are interested, my tag is dynamo#2210



We currently are no longer looking for raiders for our main team.
Socials and players willing to act as a reserve for the main raid team are always welcome.

BUMP, Social and reserves are still very very welcome <3

We currently are looking for the following classes for our main team:
Holy Paladins
Holy Priests

Socials and players willing to act as a reserve for the main raid team are always welcome.

We currently are looking for the following classes for our 2nd team:
Holy Priests
Holy Paladins
Fury Warriors


I would like to apply for your 2nd. Currently with 7/10 MC 1/1 Onyxia. I am looking to a more progess minded guild, then the one im currently in.
As i read the comments of some old raiders, i’m quite interested in joining your guild. For further information you can contact me ingame or add me yamila#2246


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