[A] Silvermoon - ilvl 402 Havoc DH LF Guild


I’m an ilvl 402 Demon Hunter that is looking for a guild to raid with. I have no experience with raiding so far, but I’m a quick learner. I also believe that I am able to use my class quite well, but I only did Mythic+ so far, because I never had people to raid with and I can’t stand when people don’t have any patience and give up after a few wipes. I have time in the evenings almost every day. I would love to join a Discord and I’m willing to talk on VC aswell.

(Paljay) #2

HI mate u willing to server transfere?
contact me jaycore#8306 on discord
we are saltygits on argent dawn

br jay

(Beckmiester) #3

Please add me.