[A] [Silvermoon] LF AotC/HC and M+ Guild

Hey there!

I am looking for a Guild on Silvermoon (Alliance) to Raid HC with, starting on 10.2. Going for AotC with no real intention of doing Mythic.
I also do M+ regularly, so it would be great to have more like-minded folk that like to push some keys.

I can only start Raiding at 8pm server time (7pm UK time) at the earliest.
Ideally, it would be a max of 2 prog Raids per week, between Tue - Fri, avoiding Sundays and Mondays if possible.

I will be maining Havoc DH but I do play a plethora of different DPS and Tank characters, so I can be flexible if needed.

I also have a friend interested, with a very similar request and availability, who will be maining BM Hunter but also plays Healers regularly.

Please do reach out to me here.