[A][Silvermoon] New Guild Looking For Willing Members To Help Build



Hi :slight_smile:
This will be a little bit different to the usual recruitment post for many reasons. Let’s start with the fact that the Guild is not established, nor does it have anyone besides the founding members. (All of which are random players that signed out of good will) :smiley:

Right now anyone reading will be thinking “why would I want to join this tiny, random Guild?”… Good question…

About Me:
I am not a Veteran of the game, in fact I don’t even have a Max Level Character. I have been playing on and off since Legion having to stop for long periods of time for one reason or another. But one thing I have always wanted is a place where I could get better with knowledgeable people who like to help others, but as i have seen, many try to do this but there are more important priorities, and understandable so. However I see alot of people, not only myself, looking for a learn as you earn environment so to speak, and this, is what I am looking to create.

About the Guild:
The purpose of all this is to create an environment (Eventually), with a raid team, a PvP group and general “Adventurers”. The next question would be “What makes this any different from what anyone else wants to do?” Well I am looking to set up set roles and focuses for experienced and dedicated players to fill and create this versatile enviroment for anyone and everyone to be a part of and be able to play how they like… These roles include:

-Raid Leader- Responsible for all things Raid Based, Recruitment, Raid Scheduling, All other duties.
-PvP Leader- Responsible for all things PvP based, Recruitment, Activity Scheduling, All other duties.
-Scholars- Multi person role responsible for constantly providing players with knowledge and assistance of the game when required. (A Very giving role)

The roles above are currently available but the right players would need to be patient and willing to allow time to build the Guild and perform the roles responsibilities also explained above.

Of course I am also looking for all player who want a place to meet new people see what the game has to offer regardless of experience and skill… If this sounds like you and your willing to allow time for us to grow then please add me and let’s talk :slight_smile:

I know this post may be strange and unusual but I’m hoping to be more than just a usual Guild and would love for some amazing people to join and help to build something good for all types of players…

BattleNet - xKnightOwl#2833

Thank you :slight_smile: