[A][Silvermoon] Priest looking for Late Night/Early Morning Raiding Guild


Good night!


Class: Priest
Specs: Disc/Shadow
Prefered Role: Healer
ilvl: 390
Experience: AotC in all Legion Raids, plus a couple mythic kills per tier

I’m a returning player who used to play way too much back in Legion. As many, I’ve stopped playing after BfA launched given how bad it was, and I’m coming back for 8.2.

I’m looking for a Guild with Raid Schedules that fit mine, given my job and such. Something between 1AM and Noon ST should be fine. Aside from that I don’t really care very much around how progressed you are or anything, as long there’s a good, mature and relaxed environment.

I’m a Priest main and am able to play both Discipline and Shadow. I’d rather play as a Healer, but I understand that Raid Slots are limited and as such, I don’t mind DPSing until one is available.

As for experince, I’ve gotten Ahead of the Curve pretty early in all Legion Raids but Emerald Nightmare, when I started playing. Aside from that, I’ve got a couple Mythic kills in most Raid Tiers, although I never played hardcore enough for Cutting Edge. You can always check my WoWLogs for this character.