[A] Silvermoon - Tank LF Raiding guild

Hello boys and girls :slight_smile:

I am looking for a new guild on Silvermoon.

I am interested in at least 2 days raiding, preferably in the evening.
I would like to join a guild with the goal of CE.
I would also like a social guild, with active Discord and m+ runs with guildies. Pugging keys are one of the worst experiences you can get in this game :slight_smile:

I am fluent in English, I have working Mic and I am able to attend 100% of raids.

My previous exp is for example 8/10 CN Mythic and before that 11/12 Nya Mythic. All as a tank.

I do not have a different spec on my monk, I can only tank. But I am working currently on some alts. Guardian druid and Resto Shaman. Just to be clear, I have 0 raiding experience with the healer, only XP from the healer is from keys :slight_smile:

I am not interested in server transfer or faction change.

If you need any details or have any questions about me, please contact me and I will try to answer everything :slight_smile:

Looking forward to be speaking with you!

TicTac#21383 (bnet)
Jayy#9622 (Discord)