[A] Silvermoon <|> Tide <|> 8/8 HC


<|> Tide <|> is a new casual guild recruiting individuals who wish to progress through raid content at their own pace. We’re not strict on attendance and everyone who meets the minimum raid requirements is allowed to attend. As a community we pride ourselves in providing a tension-free atmosphere and everyone is treated equal. Our raid timings and requirements are listed below:

  • Wed & Sun - 20:00-23:00 game time
  • 415 ilvl minimum for heroic raids
  • 420 ilvl minimum + 55 necklace for Mythic

At the moment we’re recruiting DPS and off-spec Healers only!

High Demand

  • Demon Hunter
  • Hunter
  • Shadow Priest

Other classes considered

What you can expect from us:

  • Members with a cheerful and optimistic attitude
  • Thoughtful raid leading with consistency in kills


If you’re interested in the above and wish to join then please contact us (or leave your contact info below and we’ll get in touch)



We’re still recruiting <3


Still recruiting ladies and gents

(Tsuyume) #4

GOTTA catch 'EM all


We still recruitin’ guys keep 'em coming <3


Bump! Update - Needing Mix of Ranged & Melee Dps and Either Holy Paladin or Disc Priest so we can begin are progress into Mythic contact details above but if you can’t get a hold of 1 of them then whisper a member ingame thanks.


Bump! Still need a handful of you


Update We only need Ranged / Melee Dps if you want to progress into mythic then contact for more info: Discord - Devillings#1195, Váng#3272, Tib#5429


Still looking come join us.


Recruiting ALL range/melee dps for Mythic EP. Lets go boys and gals!