[A] Silvermoon <Undercover Horde> - 3/12M

Hey there!
We are a couple of old WoW friends who met a decade ago (during TBC days) and recently came back to WoW. Most of us have been on an off throughout the previous expansions but we are all new to BFA. Overcome with the intense nostalgia feels, we started a new guild and would love some new additions!

We’re a friendly bunch, aiming to progress slowly in Mythic raiding. We have a progress of 3/12 M and need more people who are familiar and comfortable with their classes. Our leader is experienced and pretty chill, he was active in Legion with a progress of 12/12 M in Nighthold.

Whether you would like to put in the work to learn & progress with us in raids, or wish to be a fiery socialite just taking part in simple day-to-day activities, you are welcome to apply!

Raid days: Fridays & Sundays 9pm GMT+2
For any questions, feel free to DM me via Discord: Yara#5846