[A] <SIMPS OF AZEROTH> recruiting all toxic players

SIMPS OF AZEROTH are a newly formed guild with the intention of being as much of an aidsfest as possible. If you are toxic and like to meme then we are the perfect place for you. Feel free to do or say whatever you want, nothing is off limits, no one will ever be kicked for any reason.

For the time being we are a social guild trying to recruit as many members as possible but will be raiding in the future. The raid environment is expected to be a complete dumpster-fire but we expect to also kill some bosses along the way.

We also have members ranging from 1-60 so there will be plenty of people to level with.

If you’re interested in joining add Xerenos#21394 and message me, or message the SIMP OVERLORD Theldeir in-game.

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