[A] <Soup Squad> - Silvermoon - Multi-Team Raiding Guild - 4/8M & 8/8HC

About Us

Soup Squad was formed in July 2021 on Silvermoon and has continuously grown as a group and community. With over 500 characters in the guild, including some of the top ranked players on the server, Soup Squad offers a semi-hardcore approach with a laid-back atmosphere to suit all levels of commitment and experience. As a community we try not to take ourselves too seriously, have a laugh and enjoy the game, even if that humour is often childish or mature humour.

The guild has one large raid team split into two ranks - a Mythic Team for our most skilled and experienced raiders, and a Heroic Team for those who want to experience raiding in a more relaxed environment. All players part of the raid team can apply and attend any of the raids hosted by the guild, with only the Mythic raids being a bit stricter on attendance/performance. In addition to raiding, Soup Squad also offers opportunities for mythic plus runs and an active Discord server for the guild and friends to communicate.

Raid Teams & Schedules

Mythic Raids:

Vault Progress: 4/8M, 8/8HC & 8/8N
  • Tuesday - 20:00 to 23:00 (Server Time)
  • Thursday - 20:00 to 23:00 (Server Time)

Heroic & Social Raids:

  • Wednesday (Heroic) - 20:00 to 23:00 (Server Time)
  • Sunday (Social) - 20:00 to 23:00 (Server Time)

We are looking for:

  • Players that are at least 18.
  • Players that are geared suitably for current content and willing to improve themselves.
  • Players that have a lot of patience as well as determination.
  • Players that don’t quit when things get tough.
  • Players that know how to play their class well in any situation and don’t heavily rely on specs.
  • Players that know what is good for the guild and not only for themselves.
  • Players that know how to have fun.
  • Players that are able to maintain a good attendance.


If any of this interests you and you think you can fit in with the soup, please view the openings and apply at www.soupsquad.co.uk or contact our recruitment officers directly:

  • Prgx - Mythic Team (Discord: PRG#4398)
  • Piersmorgan - Heroic Team (Discord: Aaronbens#7799)
  • Morsun - Social Officer (Discord: Morsun#9386).

Mythic Team are looking for a Healer and Ranged DPS.
Heroic Team are looking for Ranged DPS only.

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