A suggestion to make sub viable for m+

So, starting with the main problem, shuriken combo has been removed, so our spec lacks in damage when it comes to aoe situations. My suggestion is to bring it back and nerf it for pvp, but i dont really think it’s going to happen, it might not make a solution for sub being bad for mythic+ anyway.
Other way is to rework some of abilities, to give it more possibilities to cleave, my idea is to make nightblade spread shadow damage for about 10% of your shadow strike damage around player (lets say 8 yard range), damage increasing for 10% per every enemy with nightblade dot.

Here’s example: 3 enemies total, nightblade dot on 2 enemies- when you shadowstrike an enemy with nightblade dot on, you deal let’s say 10k dmg to primary target, and 2k aoe damage around you (because you have your nightblade on 2 enemies), it hits enemy with no dot on it too.
I think that would give sub more opportunity to be picked for m+ runs. Also this mechanic could have been combined with Blade in the Shadows azerite trait and Replicating Shadows.

So, what do you guys think about this concept? If anyone got an idea for subtlety to be more viable, post it below too. Btw sorry if my english is bad, I’m not a native speaker :slight_smile:

Please no more dots, assassination is enough.

All they need to do is give us a proper aoe finisher, that’s all. I will even take a shadow damage one, but not a dot. Also make shadowstrike cleave during shadow dance or something. Those two would fix our aoe.

And downright assassinate sub in PvP. It’s already agonizing, don’t terminate it.

Why would that make it worse for PvP?

Well the only thing Sub is good at is cc and a bit of single target snap burst damage. If Shadowstrike was to cleave then you could not hit a target near the one you’d just have blinded, sapped, or stunned into poly. It would not be nice.

I would like to see a 2h wielding sub, with shadowdance auto activating cleave on every attack.
Also both single target and aoe should be high ( dh, Fury Warrior style ) at the expense of an extremely high and unforgiving skill ceiling.

I think he means it that cleave would be Breaking CC in pvp.

Then i have to be a talent? Maybe 35% its totlam dmg go in aoe

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