[A] Sylvanas <Random Outcome> 7/9M is recruiting

(Awliya) #1

Random Outcome has been around on Sylvanas for more than 5 years now! We were not always a raiding guild, but we picked up the torch in WoD and stuck to it through legion, where we finished off Argus Mythic as number 8 on the server. We value a good atmosphere, where we can talk freely and joke around with each other. We are a very social group from all around the world, who loves a good banter. This also led to the guildmeeting in the summer 2018, where 11 guildies showed up in Denmark and had a wonderful time!

This post is mostly for recruiting for our raiding team, but ofc socials are always welcome! We are currently at 7/9M BoD and progressing on Mekkatorque. We are especially looking for a ranged dps, but we are always on the lookout for new good raiders, who wants to help the guild progress even further! We always have a weekly HC run for our raiders and trials to get those last few missing pieces and ofc to get our newest raiders up to date for mythic. HC runs with alts and members outside the raiding team also happens each week!

But hold your horses, this is not just a guild focused on current raids! We also go back in time for transmogs, mounts and not least achievements! Also for those who wishes revenge for the Alliance, we also have PvP nights, where we join rbgs, random bgs, arenas or just mog up and go to a major city to throw some punches around!

Raid times
Wednesday - 19:30 - 22:30
Thursday - 19:30 - 22:30
Sunday - 19:30 - 22:30
(obs these are for realm time on Sylvanas)
We use the in-game calendar to schedule raids as well as our runs through older content and our PvP nights.

For each raid we have a cauldron and feasts ready. We expect you to bring your own Defiled Augment runes and Vantus runes for the progression runs.

Expectations of you as a raider:
Knowledge of your class and spec (offspec or an alt is a big plus).
Fully gemmed and enchanted before raidstart.
Knowledge of the current content (This means researching tactics beforehand).
Patience as well as determination to progress.
Stable internet connection and able to actively use Discord.
High attendance.
Clear HC each week for those last items you need and the chance for titanforges!
Do at least 1 mythic 10+ key a week, for the highest gearpiece possible in your chest.

Since Personal loot is now a thing, we can only use RCLootCouncil if people can trade it. Items that are not BiS for you might be for someone else, so if you can trade it, we expect you to, so we as a team can grow. Therefore we want you to have it installed and updated for each raid. We also want you to have the addon Best In Slot Redux, where you have made your BiSlist, so we can see which items you need the most. Moreover we expect you to have DBM or BigWigs and Exorsus Raid Tools for easy explanation of tactics for some bosses.

What can we offer you:
A foundation of veteran players, with many years of heroic/mythic raiding.
A relaxed environment where we can joke around and still raid on a semi hardcore level.
Steady progression each week.
A guild where we value our individual members.
Friendly guildies who’s always up for doing M+ keys, pvp, achievements, you name it!
And not least another guildmeetup in the future!

If you have questions that are not answered here, don’t hesitate to whisper any of the following people in-game or check out our WowProgress page, where a link to our application site can also be found.

GM: Awliya (Auliya#2823)


Best regards


Give more ranged dps! We are a really nice bunch I promise <3


We are still on the lookouts for Ranged DPS or perhaps a rogue. Other classes will be considered ofc :)!

(Awliya) #4

We are still on the lookouts for Ranged DPS or perhaps a rogue. Other classes will be considered ofc :)!


Do you have a trial spot for a shadow priest?

(Awliya) #6

Yeah absolutely, add me on btag Auliya#2823, and lets have a chat :)!