[A] <The Adventurers Guild> [Sporeggar] - Casually Conquering Azeroth Since 2006

Hail, wannabe Adventurers!

One of the oldest guilds on Sporeggar is back with some of their finest members, to bring back the friendly and totally drama-free environment that made it a legendary place for casual players since Vanilla.

We are definitely much older now, and just a little bit wiser, however this doesn’t mean we don’t stand in fire at the worst possible moment. It’s almost a requirement to join!

We are currently looking for mature and friendly new guild members, willing to spend some time playing with like-minded people.
To be an Adventurer, you just need to be nice, respectful and a little nerdy.

We love running dungeons and engaging in PvP, both in a chilled way.
We also love chasing achies, collectables or just levelling alts for the sake of it.

If you think you fit into the job description, send your application through the in-game Guild Finder with a little side note, or contact your friendly neighbourhood Kluggar#2379

New and returning players are always welcome here, as well as our “morally grey” friends of the Horde!

See you on Azeroth, Adventurers!

Hello There, still on the lookout for new Adventurers to join our ranks! Everyone is welcome here!