[A] <The Blooders> Recruiting

Guild Information and Requirements

Who are we?

We consider ourselves to be a chill and casual raiding guild trying to break the current raid comp meta, having some fun with our raid composition while still having it be viable.
The guild is under management by experienced vanilla raiders, but we welcome everybody (-that follows our guidelines; read below) as long as you have decent knowledge about your class/spec and take initiative to be prepared before raids (reading boss tactics, bring flasks, etc). We strive to have a friendly and nice guild environment, avoiding toxic behavior, have fun and help each other out. Because that is what vanilla is about!

We are looking for the following type of players:

    - Level 10+ players (Social),Level 60 players (Raiding Team).
    - Determined and focused players.
    - Descent knowledge about his class and spec.
    - Know how to play as a team.
    - Able to raid between 19:30 and 23:00 (Server Time/ GMT+1).
    - Able to raid at least 2-3 days per week.
    - Willing to re-spec if your Class Leader tells you to do that.
    - Accepting hybrids and treat them same as any other spec/class.

Raid required Addons & Programs:

    - BigWigs
    - ThreatMeter
    - Class Addons (Example Pally Power)
    - Details
    - Discord 

What we are not looking for:

    - Toxic behavior, Childish attitudes and whining.
    - Leaving raids without warning the raid leader or one of his assistants.
    - Ignoring your Guild Members.
    - Insulting people.
    - Any other behavior that guild leaders do not approve of.
    - Questioning Guild Rules or any Officer decision.

What we are looking for:

    - You must take initiative and responsibility to learn and know boss/raid mechanics/tactics before the raid starts in order to help and not impede progression.
    - You should be prepared before the raid starts, making sure you have gold in order to pay when we wipe, Bringing flasks, potions, food and so on.
    - During raids you should be quiet when the raid leader is communicating, you are permitted to talk during the pauses. Avoid being a distraction!
    - Do not pull unless it's under the instructions of the raid leader.
    - Class leaders will guide you and help you on tactics and other help you need (if the class leader is not in raid, then other leaders will assist)
    - Priority on items are - mainspec>offspec>pvp
    - Be online for raiding time regardless if enough people are online for raid or not.
    - Be able to handle receiving constructive criticism


    - The amount of time allowed to be AFK is determined by the raid leader.
    - If the raid leader have suspicion that you have disconnected on purpose during a raid, we will be doing an investigation.
    - If you are caught purposely disconnected multiple times there will be taken action against you.
    - It is ultimately Raid/Guild Leader's decision to apply these rules or not.

General Information:

    - Loot system: Loot Council
    - You will be given a 1 month trial period when you join.
    - During this trial period we will evaluate you regarding rank-up's and/or remove you from the guild if we see you exhibiting unwanted/toxic behavior.

Main Team


Protection 0/3
Arms 0/1
Fury 0/2


Holy 0/4
Protection 1/1
Retribution 1/3


Holy 0/4
Shadow 0/1
Discipline 0/1
(Dwarf 0/2)

Restoration 0/4
Feral DPS 0/1
Feral Tank 0/1


Marksmanship 0/2
Survival 0/1


Subtlety 1/1
Combat 0/3


Frost/Arcane 0/1
Fire 0/1
Frost 0/2


Affliction 0/1
Destruction 0/2
Demonology 0/1

Reserve Spot

Protection Warrior 0/1
Holy Priest 0/3 (dwarf) 0/1
Frost/Arcane Mage 0/1
Restoration Druid 0/1
Balance Druid 0/1
Combat Rogue 1/1
Assassination 0/1
Marksmanship Hunter 0/2
Beastmaster Hunter 0/1
Demonology Warlock 0/2

-Exceptional Players are always welcome-

Apply to htt ps://discord .gg/GUhmT4t

Or contact Killerduki , Lupeh or Lunaraver in Game.


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